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Components for Papermaking

Services and products for papermaking

    As a system vendor we aim to support our customers throughout the entire value creation process, so we are expanding our service locations worldwide, adapting our range of services to customer needs and also adopting new approaches to service with Papermaking 4.0.

    Product of the month

      From the fiber to the finished paper we offer a diverse product portfolio for any application. In order to give you an insight into our product world, we present one product for the paper industry every month. Find out more about our current product of the month.

      Approach Flow Screening


      Immediately before the stock suspension enters the headbox, pressure screens are installed both in the main flow and in the ModuleJet dilution stream if provided. Since these screens provide a last barrier before the paper machine to prevent damage by foreign bodies, the connection between screen and headbox must be directly linked and completely closed.

      Wet End Process | Approach Flow Screening
      Inclined wire trials

      At the HydroFormer test facility in Düren (Germany), new products can be tested and their production on an inclined wire verified, minimizing the investment risk.

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      Wet End Process | Approach Flow Screening

      The homogeneous screen passing velocity reduces the formation of deposits or stringings in the sorter.

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      Wet End Process | Approach Flow Screening
      MultiScreen MSA

      The MultiScreen MSA provides for optimized flow conditions in the inlet and accept zones of the screening process. It operates virtually pulsation-free due to its special enclosure and rotor design.

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      Wet End Process | Approach Flow Screening
      MultiScreen MSS

      The MultiScreen MSS ensures optimal removal of stickies and efficient screening of pulp suspensions in the low consistency range.

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      • Optimization


      Wet End Process | Approach Flow Screening | Optimization
      C-bar HerculeX screen basket

      To withstand the enormous flow and pressure conditions in screening, Voith has developed the strongest screen basket on the market – C-bar HerculeX.

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      Wet End Process | Approach Flow Screening | Optimization
      C-bar Insert

      The new screen basket C-bar Insert combines maximum stability with short downtimes and low investment and maintenance costs. It can be used in cages from Voith and other manufacturers.

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      Wet End Process | Approach Flow Screening | Optimization
      EclipseR Rotor

      Because of its novel foil geometry and configuration, the EclipseR Rotor facilitates optimal screening efficiency, especially in screening applications that are heavily loaded with impurities. It not only withstands high reject levels, but also saves up to 35% of your energy requirements.

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