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Components for Papermaking

Services and products for papermaking

    As a system vendor we aim to support our customers throughout the entire value creation process, so we are expanding our service locations worldwide, adapting our range of services to customer needs and also adopting new approaches to service with Papermaking 4.0.

    Product of the month

      From the fiber to the finished paper we offer a diverse product portfolio for any application. In order to give you an insight into our product world, we present one product for the paper industry every month. Find out more about our current product of the month.


      • Automation


      Water, Sludge, Rejects | Sludge | Automation
      OnC ConSens 700

      OnC ConSens 700 is an optical sensor with integrated air bubble compensation. With its six-channel alternating stream process, it measures the overall stock consistency together with ash and fines.

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      Water, Sludge, Rejects | Sludge | Automation
      OnC FlowSens

      The accurate OnC FlowSens flow meter is suitable for all flow measurements for paper manufacturing, including water, stock, steam, chemicals and auxiliary materials.

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      Water, Sludge, Rejects | Sludge | Automation
      OnC LevelSens

      The filling level meters and limit switches in the OnC LevelSens product line are used in all areas of paper manufacturing. Different measurement procedures ensure their versatility.

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      Water, Sludge, Rejects | Sludge | Automation
      OnC SegmentValve 500

      OnC SegmentValve 500 is a segmented ball valve that is optimally suited to all consistency and pressure controls. It can be used for water, stock/reject and steam.

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