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Tissue Machines

Soft and fluffy tissue paper using fewer virgin fibers

Tissue Machines

The range of use of tissue papers

    Tissue paper use is increasing worldwide. Voith Paper supplies high-quality components and complete tissue machines, from stock preparation through paper machine to finishing.

    Welcome when you have a cold, very handy if you knock over a drinking glass. On average, a person living in an industrialized country uses several kilograms of tissue paper every year.

    Tissue papers help us every day

    Tissues are tear-resistant, highly absorbent, soft and fluffy sanitary paper products such as paper handkerchiefs, kitchen towels, napkins and toilet paper. Consumption of these kinds of papers is increasing worldwide due to improved standards of living and hygiene.

    We are full-line supplier for tissue machines

    Voith supplies components for tissue systems as well as complete new machines, from the stock preparation unit through to the paper machine, and water and reject management to finishing. The range also includes clothing as well as Yankee dryer service.

    Tissue machines - How can we help you?


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      News from the world of paper

        Nextlevel online is the news portal for the paper industry by Voith Paper. We provide up-to-date information about paper manufacturing and paper technology.

        Engineered for success

          Kawanoe N1 delivers paper at the highest quality level for the Japanese market

          The Kawanoe N1 at Daio Paper, located in Japan, is a customized, highly efficient XcelLine tissue machine from Voith. Since its start-up in July 2018, it produces tissue products such as facial, toilet and towel papers which fulfill the high-quality demands of the regional market. Kawanoe N1 is one of the most energy-efficient tissue machines worldwide and delivers paper at the highest quality level for the Japanese market.

          XcelLine from Voith: Highest performance from the full-line supplier for tissue production

          The startup of the Cheng Loong TM 16 in Taiwan took place in September 2015. Its operating speed is up to 2,001 m/min, which is the fastest speed with a steam hood in the world, leading the industry in several performance indexes. At this record-breaking high speed, the steam consumption of the TM 16 is still very low, at only 1.65 metric ton of steam per ton paper.


          Four successful start-ups of Voith XcelLine tissue machines at Lee & Man in 2017

          On December 23, 2017 the new Voith XcelLine tissue machine TM 12 was successfully started up at Guangdong Lee & Man, taking only 28 minutes from “stock on wire” to “paper on reel”. From the very first parent roll produced, the tissue was of saleable quality. TM 12 was the fourth XcelLine tissue machine that was launched by Voith for Lee & Man in 2017; the previous three were TM 9, TM 10 and TM 11.

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          Greater machine productivity thanks to optimized blade technology

          Doctor, coater and creping blades tailored precisely to the paper machine improve paper quality and reduce downtimes. This is why the development and manufacture of customer-specific blade technology is a top priority at Voith's Theresienfeld facility. As a leading supplier in the paper industry, Voith also offers its customers an integrated system solution comprising doctor blades, rolls and roll covers.

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          Services and products for papermaking

            As a system vendor we aim to support our customers throughout the entire value creation process, so we are expanding our service locations worldwide, adapting our range of services to customer needs and also adopting new approaches to service with Papermaking 4.0.

            Social media news and press release

              XcelLine from Voith: Highest performance from the full-line supplier for tissue production

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              Forming section

              Tissue papers | Paper machine | Forming section

              The CrescentFormer impresses with its excellent formation and low energy consumption. The user-friendly design facilitates efficient operation.

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              • Optimization


              Tissue papers | Paper machine | Forming section | Optimization

              Voith’s CleanLine offers a complete range of cleaning systems to cover every section of your paper machine.

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              Tissue papers | Paper machine | Forming section | Optimization

              HydroPack is a pressure supply unit with a speed-controlled piston pump. A perfect cutting jet uninterrupted by air bubbles ensures good web pickup at the pick-up roll.

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              Tissue papers | Paper machine | Forming section | Optimization

              The HydroSquirt allows a good, reproducible cutting result before the paper web is fed into the press section. This is possible due to precise setting of the water jet.

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              Tissue papers | Paper machine | Forming section | Optimization

              The InsiderJet is a high-pressure cleaning pipe that cleans the suction roll from the inside out. Clean holes result in optimal dewatering and minimal downtime.

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              • Rolls


              Tissue papers | Paper machine | Forming section | Rolls

              The EvoFlow suction roll is designed to meet specific production requirements. Shell surface patterns that increase drainage capacity and reduce noise generation allow EvoFlow suction rolls to improve the economic efficiency and operating environment of paper production.

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              Tissue papers | Paper machine | Forming section | Rolls
              EvoRun WG wire guide roll and EvoRun WD wire drive roll

              EvoRun wire guide rolls and drive rolls are used in the wire sections of paper, board and packaging machines. They are for guiding, supporting or controlling the clothing and web.

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              Tissue papers | Paper machine | Forming section | Rolls
              Total Roll Management

              TRM analyzes and optimizes all factors throughout the entire roll system. This comprehensive concept increases the availability of the rolls and reduces the number of shutdowns due to roll problems.

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