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A belt cleaning system for cleaning very dirty conveyor belts

The BeltClean ™ belt cleaning system offers major advantages for cleaning very dirty and encrusted conveyor belts. 

Your benefits with BeltClean™

  • Automatic cleaning of carrying surface of dirty, encrusted belts to ensure uniform, reproducible production conditions
  • Cleaning during production runs
  • Enhanced level of automation, minimal manpower requirement
  • No contamination of production environment
  • Integration options in hygiene management
  • Low wear of conveyor belt
  • If required with self-cleaning and disinfecting device

It is designed for flat and troughed belt conveyors as well as horizontal and inclined belts. Automatic enclosure cleaning and a fast-change device for the cleaning roller meet requirements for hygiene. The sophisticated technology and robust stainless steel design guarantee a long service life.


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