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Couch roll EvoRun C

Couch roll EvoRun C

No marks with couching

The couch roll EvoRun C presses two plies to form a web. Holes in the roll prevent crushing and displacement of the web.

Optimized for the specific application and the desired paper quality, the EvoRun C does not produce any web marks. Couching is mainly determined by the couch roll diameter and open area, the wire dwell time on the EvoRun C couch roll, the drainage pressure and the wire tension. Voith uses only components made of high-grade stainless and acid-resistant steel in the corrosive environment of the paper machine’s wet end, thus ensuring a long product life.

The EvoRun C couch roll is used for deflecting the web and couching two plies in TopFormers and DuoFormers. In addition, the couch roll transmits part of the drive power required for the top wire.