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High-consistency cleaner HiCC400B/HiCC600B

High-consistency cleaner HiCC400B/HiCC600B

Effective removal at consistencies up to 4.5%

The high-consistency cleaners HiCC400B and HiCC 600B reliably remove heavy ingredients from pulp suspensions at consistencies up to 4.5%, thereby protecting downstream machines against wear.

Thanks to a geometrically optimized high-turbulence intake head, these high-consistency cleaners allow extremely effective removal of particles such as sand, glass slivers, staples and paper clips. There is hardly any wear even in extreme applications thanks to partial and/or complete ceramic lining. The rotorless design allows a low maintenance outlay and a high level of operational reliability. In addition, the optimized trap design minimizes fiber loss through backwashing.
The high-consistency cleaners are used in single-stage, high-consistency cleaning systems with periodic reject dumping. The HiCC 400B is suitable for intake volume flows between 3,400 and 7,700 l/min, and the HiCC 600B is suitable for intake volume flows between 7,700 and 13,700 l/min.


Thomas Jaschek

Global Product Manager


t +49 751 83 3672