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HiPRO protector system

High degree of effectiveness and low wear

HiPRO is a two-stage high-consistency stock cleaning system for centrifugal separation. It filters out heavy contaminants before coarse screening, thereby reducing wear on downstream machines and system parts.

As the first cleaning stage, the HiPRO protector system uses a DR 400 or DR 600 high-consistency cleaner with continuous reject discharge. In the second cleaning stage, the KS 250 or HiCC400 low-consistency cleaner is used with a periodically discharging junk trap. With the two-stage system, heavy parts are specifically separated out of recovered paper and fresh fiber suspensions at an early stage.

The maximum degree of effectiveness provides optimal wear protection for downstream machines.

The pumpless operation between the first and second stage and a single reject trap reduce the maintenance outlay.

The HiPRO protector system is used to separate out heavy parts from the pulp suspension in recovered paper preparation systems.

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