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Hydrodisc HYD

Hydrodisc HYD

High dewatering capacity on a small floor space

The Hydrodisc HYD is a disc thickener that dewaters large quantities of recovered paper, pulp and groundwood suspensions. The suspensions can be thickened to consistencies of 5 to 9%.

Thanks to the disc principle, the Hydrodisc HYD has a high dewatering capacity with a small footprint. The height-adjustable outlet weir and variable speed drive allow easy adaptation of the Hydrodisc HYD to different types and consistencies of stock. All stock-contacting machine components are fabricated from chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel. In addition, non-sliding sealing elements on the filter discs reduce wear and maintenance outlay. In the case of partially equipped thickeners, the capacity can be boosted by retrofitting additional filter discs.

The Hydrodisc HYD is used for thickening stock suspensions in stock preparation.


Axel Gommel

Global Product Manager


t +49 7321 37 5210


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