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Efficient fabric operation (or performance) due to continuous cleaning

The JetCleaner creates ideal dewatering conditions through uniform cleaning and drying of the forming fabric. Breaks in the press and dryer section are prevented.

The JetCleaner blows a powerful stream of air between two machine-wide strips. The pressure impulse on the first strip and the impulse of the blowing air make for uniform cleaning and drying of the fabric over the entire width. The lubrication water fed in before the first strip is crucial for the efficiency of cleaning. An oscillating high-pressure spray pipe separates highly adhesive contaminants from the fabric, which are then removed from the fabric by the blast of air. Air, water and dissolved solid matter are removed by a two-phase, high-power suctioning.

The JetCleaner is used in the bottom and top fabric for conditioning of the forming fabric and in order to effectively reduce the likelihood of contamination in the fabric section.