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Uniform printing pressure over the whole web width

NipcoPrint-D is an impression roller for all web widths and speeds in decorative rotogravure. It offers both high flexibility and low costs.

Until now, simple impression rollers were used in the support roll system for rotogravure of decorative paper. Due to the many variants of web widths, numerous impression rollers had to be kept in stock. With NipcoPrint-D, support roll systems, impression roller changes and sleeve changes are no longer required. Therefore, paper manufacturers avoid cost-intensive impression roller stocks.

The Nipco principle ensures a uniform printing pressure over the web width and prevents local over-pressings. The stable register mark behavior allows less vaporization and drying.

In decorative rotogravure, the NipcoPrint-D system provides maximum flexibility in every print machine type with regard to web widths and speed. It can be equipped with all current ESA systems.