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NipcoTex with FullFlex technology

NipcoTex with FullFlex technology

Optimal calendering of technical textiles

With NipcoTex, it is now also possible to use Nipco technology for technical textiles. Technical textiles that are not very ductile can thus be densified, structured or smoothed.

The renowned NipcoTex system is now equipped with a FullFlex sleeve for use with technical textiles. This composite sleeve furnished with a Voith roll cover is noticeably harder than conventional polyamide sleeves. The use surface is wear resistant and temperature resistant.

Temperature-resistant technical textiles that are not very ductile can now be densified, structured or smoothed, depending on the desired result.

Thanks to the NipcoTex adjustment of effective width, both single- and multi-web textiles can be finished. At the same time, the distribution of force always stays defined and reproducible.

NipcoTex is used in textile calenders for the calendering of technical textiles.