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OnC StepCore57

OnC StepCore57

Flexible and inexpensive modernization of the SIMATIC S5 control

With OnC StepCore57, Voith is facilitating gradual migration of existing CPU components into new control systems. Existing hardware components can continue to be used.

SIMATIC S5 components have been discontinued by their manufacturer. Consequently, a reliable supply of replacement parts and full availability of systems are no longer ensured. With the OnC StepCore57 distributed control systems, a complete migration can be tailored to customer requirements and carried out at a later time. Through further use of S5 applications and integration of new S7 system parts, OnC StepCore57 distributed control systems open up various migration possibilities. In addition, it is possible to use the OnC StepCore57 distributed control systems in PCS7- standalone- or multi-projects.
Installation of OnC StepCore57 distributed control systems does not require the use of completely new systems, but only a new plug-in board. High overall investment costs are avoided and replaced with low and projectable investments.
By installing OnC StepCore57, existing components are retained and production stoppages due to long rebuilds are prevented.