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OnV RollMaster

OnV RollMaster

Identifying and analyzing process-related winding data

OnV RollMaster is a sensor for display, diagnosis, analysis and optimization of parameters that influence winding quality. Winding results can be analyzed immediately and even several years later.

OnV RollMaster uses more than 150 measuring channels for identification of all process-related winding data. The most important data it records are: reel data (density, diameter, running meter); drives (torques, revolutions, tension controller, web tension); line load data (pressures, positions, angles); binary signals for monitoring of sequences; statistics (downtimes, production quantities); and quality data.

All winding data for each reel are stored and managed as individual files, allowing winding results of the machine to be analyzed even years later.

OnV RollMaster is used in the reel section for identifying all winding data of each individual reel.