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Screening – general

Screening – general

The right machine for every screening task

During screening, bothersome particles and adhesive contaminants such as stickies are removed. Voith has a multitude of high-performance screens available for this task.

Directly after pulping, machines are used that remove large particles and styrofoam. MultiSorter MSM.P, Fibersorter FS.B, Combisorter CSM and Rejectsorter RS are suitable for this prescreening.

With graphic applications, a combination screening with Multiscreen MSI and MiniSorter MST is used. For even higher requirements, IC screening with Multiscreen MSI is used before fine screening with MultiScreen MSS. For OCC applications, a screen with additional deflaking action is required.

The fiber screen FS.B is used in the second stage of prescreening. After fractionation with the MultFractor MSF, the long fiber fraction in fine screening is treated with the MultiScreen MSS. Before the headbox, the suspension is homogenized in the MultiScreen MSA. Finally, the MultiSorter MSM.P, MSM.D and the MiniSorter MST screens are used for handling the broke.

Voith screens are used at various points in stock preparation.