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CalTronic Flex

Modern calender roll calculation and control

CalTronic Flex is future-compatible hardware for roll calculation and operation. The system replaces the old CalTronic operating system in a quick and easy retrofit.

CalTronic Flex is based on the Simatic WinCC modern visualization and operating system. In the course of a rebuild, the computer hardware is upgraded and the roll calculation is exported from the DOS application to the new operating system. Therefore, the calender works and reacts as it did before the rebuild. The new CalTronic Flex user interface offers all the advantages of Simatic WinCC process visualization, such as a modern GUI and a message and archiving system. In addition, open interfaces allow connection to the production and enterprise control levels. Modernization of the PLC is not necessary.

The CalTronic Flex is used for modernizing super and soft calenders. It guarantees an assured supply of spare parts and service options.