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Modernization of pneumatic S-roll controls

With EcoSet, Voith is replacing the obsolete controls of S-rolls or EcoNip rolls in calenders with digital systems. They determine the roll pressure exactly and reliably.

Generally, control of swimming rolls – also called S-rolls or EcoNip rolls – is done via manual instruments that determine the pneumatic control pressure. This pressure acts on the internal hydraulic pressure of the roll via a differential pressure regulator and thus determines the deflection compensation. It is beneficial to replace this obsolete system with a digital one with the aid of the EcoSet solution. The Voith EcoSet solution calculates the required internal pressure with a small control on the basis of various pressure measurements and pilots a pneumatic control valve. Clear data presentation in a modern panel allows for quick corrections and leads to better quality. In addition, papermakers profit from lower maintenance and repair outlay. Calender finishing results become reproducible through accurate control.

Modernization with EcoSet is suitable both for single S-rolls and S top and bottom rolls in supercalenders.