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OnC PressSave

OnC PressSave

Preventing damage to press felt and sleeve

OnC PressSave is an expansion of the press hydraulic system that ensures its availability even if there is a power failure or emergency stop. Subsequent damage to the felt or sleeve is thus prevented.

With conventional shoe presses, friction develops between the felt and sleeve of the press during startup of the drives due to the lack of hydraulic pressure. Along with the felt, the sleeve will be irreversibly damaged in the process. By means of a simple expansion of the press hydraulic system, the OnC PressSave hydraulic storage unit ensures that in the event of a power failure or a total failure of the hydraulic station the minimum line force between sleeve and press felt is maintained until the rotation of the press rolls has come to a standstill. Subsequent damage to the felt and sleeve is therefore prevented.

OnC PressSave is used in shoe presses and can be retrofitted in existing systems to increase availability.