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OnS FindSet-net

OnS FindSet-net

Identifying and replacing defective actuators

OnS FindSet-net is the optimal analysis tool for checking electromotive cross profile actuators. It allows quick and targeted troubleshooting.

OnS FindSet-net diagnoses actuator malfunctions in a quick and targeted fashion and identifies the full functional capability of an actuator. Thus only defective actuators are replaced.

Depending on the need, the actuators can be checked while installed in the paper machine or checked while dismantled on the work bench. The OnS FindSet-net service kit contains all the required adapters and tools for checking electromotive CD actuators.

OnS FindSet-net allows a targeted error analysis of all actuators of the OnQ series, including OnQ ModuleJet, OnQ ModuleTap, OnQ ModuleStep, OnQ ModuleSpeed and OnQ ModuleCoat. The maintenance personnel of the paper mill can carry out the analysis themselves with OnS FindSet-net, thanks to the menu-driven diagnostic functions.