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VariTronic PC

VariTronic PC

More functionality and various analytical options

The VariTronic PC is a modern process control for Voith winders. Voith provides installation in existing winders as a replacement for the JagMatic control.

The process control computer of the JagMatic control with the OS/2 operating system and the integrated Phoenix co-processor card no longer meets current technical standards and therefore cannot be offered as a replacement system. With the VariTronic process control, Voith provides the latest technology, a guaranteed supply of replacement parts and remote diagnostics capabilities.

In addition, visualization of machine functions and analysis of drive curves ensure a higher degree of functionality.The VariTronic PC process control computer upgrade replaces the JagMatic control in existing winders. It is also the modern process control for all new Voith winders.


Benjamin Kitze

Global Product Manager Finishing Rebuilds


t +49 7321 37 2186