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VariTronic Plus Tec

VariTronic Plus Tec

Easy operation and greater functionality

VariTronic Plus Tec is a technology upgrade for modernizing outdated Z80 processors in winders. The new control is easy to operate, and the supply of replacement parts is guaranteed.

In old winders, technological functions such as linear load control or teleset are performed by separate computers with Z80 processors. However, the reliability and spare parts availability of these processors no longer ensure smooth production operation. VariTronic Plus Tec is a modular concept for modernizing these controls. All functions and controls that were previously performed by the Z80 systems will now be done by a failsafe Simatic S7 PLC. By keeping the S5 controller for the machine functions as well as the operating console, the rebuild can be carried out in a short time.

VariTronic Plus Tec is a technology upgrade for winders.


Benjamin Kitze

Global Product Manager Finishing Rebuilds


t +49 7321 37 2186