Tissue papers

Tissue papers

Soft and fluffy tissue paper using fewer virgin fibers

Welcome when you have a cold, very handy if you knock over a drinking glass. On average, a person living in an industrialized country uses several kilograms of tissue paper every year. Tissues are tear-resistant, highly absorbent, soft and fluffy sanitary paper products such as paper handkerchiefs, kitchen towels, napkins and toilet paper. Consumption of these kinds of papers is increasing worldwide due to improved standards of living and hygiene.

Voith supplies components for tissue systems as well as complete new machines, from the stock preparation unit through to the paper machine, and water and reject management to finishing. The range includes clothing, Yankee dryer service, combiner machines, winding technology and services.

Thanks to Voith's ATMOS technology (Advanced Tissue Molding System), soft premium tissue paper is now also being produced from 100% recycled fibers. Compared with conventional technologies, ATMOS enables premium tissue to be produced at considerably lower investment costs and using less energy. In terms of softness and water absorption capacity, these papers are in no way inferior to conventional papers made from virgin fibers.

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