MyVoith – the new Voith digital relationship manager

MyVoith – the world of Voith gets an upgrade

    MyVoith brings Voith’s applications and services together on a single, central platform. Users benefit from fast, simple, and personalizable access to Voith services. This means much greater convenience, increased productivity, and added value through practical digital solutions.

    Everything together in one place – MyVoith offers companies personalized access to Voith’s applications and services as a one-stop platform with a single login. The central platform lets users manage all the processes relevant to their business, use apps and cloud applications, and access practical digital services, such as encrypted file sharing to collaborate with Voith online. Grouping the services on one platform makes processes much easier and faster. For example, you can quickly identify a spare part on the basis of your purchase history and simply order it from the Voith Webshop without having to log in again. Here is an overview of the most important features.

    Login MyVoith Digital Tutorial

    Single login – sign in once, use everything

    After logging on to the MyVoith website once, you can access all of the installed apps, such as your Voith online shop or self-service applications, without having to sign in again.

    My Voith App Zone

    The dashboard – your personal command center

    The dashboard provides you with an overview of your personal Voith account. Here you can find news and information and install and run the apps relevant to your industry. You can personalize the dashboard quickly and easily.

    MyVoith Dashboard

    The apps – run them directly from the platform

    Registered users can load the apps relevant to their business into their dashboard from the App Center. Up to 20 applications from all divisions of Voith will be available at launch via MyVoith – including webshops, asset management solutions, self-services, and IIoT applications and solutions, to name a few.

    MyVoith App Zone

    Communication, news and messages – everything at a glance

    The dashboard allows you to handle all your digital communication with Voith, from email correspondence and orders to service and maintenance jobs. In addition, the dashboard offers a news area with the most important notifications for you as well as information tailored to you and relevant to your specific industry.

    MyVoith Dashboard

    A collaboration platform – working together efficiently

    For improved and safe collaboration, MyVoith offers secure access to an encrypted file transfer system, meaning it can also be used as a collaboration platform to work with Voith online.

    MyVoith user profile

    Seizing the opportunities offered by digitization

      Increasingly complex machines, ever larger quantities of data, ever shorter reaction times – with MyVoith, companies can manage many processes digitally from a central platform and quickly and easily exploit the opportunities offered by digitization and connectivity. The result is more efficient processes, new possibilities, and a tremendous increase in productivity and convenience.

      Frequently asked questions


        What is MyVoith?

        MyVoith bundles the digital applications from Voith on a single, central platform.

        How do I access it?

        You can register for MyVoith yourself.

        When is the platform accessible?

        MyVoith is available 24/7 every day of the year.

        How long will the Voith Extranet still be available?

        The Extranet will continue to be available to our users until all the applications have been migrated over to the new MyVoith system. Those affected will be notified in due course.

        I forgot my password; what do I do?

        On the login page, click "Forgot password". Enter your email address and request a new password. You will then receive an email with a link where you can obtain a new password.

        What is the App Zone?

        The App Zone provides information on all the applications the user can see. The applications can be installed directly or requested.

        How does the search function work?

        MyVoith has a search function available at the top of each page. Click on the magnifying glass icon and enter the search word. The search results are then displayed.

        Which mobile browsers are supported by MyVoith?

        Chrome (latest version), Safari (latest version), Latest version of other mobile browser for Android and iOS.

        Which desktop browsers are supported by MyVoith?

        Chrome (latest version), Edge (latest version), Firefox ESR 45, Firefox (latest version), Internet Explorer 9 (limited), Internet Explorer 10 (limited), Internet Explorer 11, Safari 8/9/10


        Does registration for MyVoith cost users anything?

        Registration and use of MyVoith applications is free of charge.

        What happens to my data?

        Personal data is collected only with your permission, i.e., you explicitly approve its collection, use and processing by MyVoith.
        Your data is not shared with third parties.

        If you want to use MyVoith, you need to accept our terms and conditions and the data protection declaration. You can find these here:
        Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

        How many users from my company can register?

        MyVoith does not restrict the number of users.


        What is the dashboard?

        The dashboard is the start page. Here you see a small number of pre-installed applications. You can expand the dashboard using the App Zone and, of course, edit it. You can position the applications where you like.

        How do I edit the dashboard?

        Use the "Edit dashboard" button to make changes to the dashboard. You can move applications, make them larger or smaller, or delete them.

        How do I install new applications?

        You can install new applications from the App Zone or Dashboard by clicking "Add Application". Applications that you do not have access to yet can be requested. Our employees will review your request and let you know if you can use the application.

        How do I delete an application?

        You can delete an application by clicking the "Edit dashboard" button. For every application, an options menu is displayed in the upper right corner. You can delete the application there.


        How do I access my profile?

        You can access your personal profile from any page by clicking on your contact picture at the top right. Here you will be able to make changes to your personal or company information, your email notification preferences, or your password.

        How do I change my password?

        You can change your password in your profile. Please choose “Password settings” and afterwards “Reset password”.

        How do I delete myself as a user?

        Please notify the MyVoith-Support team that your data should be deleted. Use the contact form under "contacts" in the navigation bar.

        How do I set the language for MyVoith?

        You can choose your primary language when you register. This can be changed later in the personal settings of your profile. In some cases, the system browser language can also be used automatically for the system. Another possibility is the grey box below the navigation bar with the inscription “Voith Global EN”. Clicking on the box opens a menu where you can set the language.

        You would like to learn more about the MyVoith platform?

          Simply get in touch with our sales representatives. They will be happy to show you the possibilities and potential offered by the MyVoith platform in a personal meeting.

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