Overview of our service and maintenance recommendations for high-performance gear units

    Service and maintenance activity (excerpt) Plant operator Voith
    • Observe and record operating behavior (for example, speeds, bearing temperature)
    • Visually inspect the gearboxes and all attached components for externally visible damage and oil leaks
    4 000 hrs of operation / every 3-6 months    
    • Oil analysis
    • Check the spare parts and their preservation
    X X
    8 000 hrs of operation / 1 year of operation ("Minor inspection")    
    • Check tools and accessories for proper condition
    • Check the bolted connections
    • Check the housing alignment
    • Visually inspect the gearbox interior, the toothing, the toothing contact pattern
    • Check, clean, replace the oil filters
    • Perform a functional check of the instrumentation
    X X
    Every 20 000 hrs of operation / after 2-3 years ("Major inspection")    
    • As above
    • Visually inspect the journal bearings
    • Check the necessary clearances
      • Check the alignment of the gearbox with respect to the input and output
    After 40 000 hrs of operation / after 5-6 years ("Minor overhaul")    
    • As above
    • Complete examination of all individual parts of the gearbox
    • Check for white metal binding defects in bearings
    • Crack testing of all parts that transmit torque
    After 80 000 hrs of operation / after 10 years ("Major overhaul")    
    • Detailed examination of the gearbox or gear set at the main workshop in Sonthofen