Every rail vehicle needs a drive system that fits it perfectly. Voith RailPacks are complete systems for use in railcars and special vehicles. We supply all components including perfect coordination through comprehensive system know-how. This makes us an ideal partner for the entire driveline.

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    The technologies implemented in the RailPack 400DM will help us to keep meeting the changing demands in regional and suburban train operation both in terms of overall performance and sustainability.
    Dr. Jörg Nikutta, Managing Director, Alstom Germany & Austria

    All benefits at a glance

      Product portfolio

        Voith offers the right drive system for your application. Our RailPacks are available with mechanical, hydraulic and electrical power transmission and different motor outputs.

        RailPack 400/450/500

        The RailPack 400/450/500 combines three drive concepts and meets the latest emission standards with the Voith Rail Engine. The compact drive system with integrated cooling system is mounted underfloor and features standardized interfaces.

        Voith Rail Engine
        RailPack 400/450/500

        RailPack 400/450/500DM

        • Ideal for single-unit or multi-unit railcars
        • High transmitting input power through highly efficient DIWARail
        • Engine power up to 480 kW



        RailPack 400/450/500DH

        • Perfectly suitable for railcars
        • Turbo transmission T211 and T212
        • Hydrodynamic traction power
        • Maximum engine power up to 480 kW

        RailPack 400/450/500DE

        • For diesel-electric vehicles
        • Electric traction power
        • Motor driven traction generator
        • Maximum engine power up to 480 kW

        RailPack 600

        RailPack 600DH

        • Perfectly suited for railcars with maximum speeds of 140-180 km/h
        • Hydrodynamic traction power
        • Turbo transmission T212
        • Maximum engine power up to 588 kW

        RailPack 600DE

        • For diesel-electric vehicles
        • Electric traction power
        • Motor driven traction generator
        • Maximum engine power up to 588 kW

        RailPack 800

        RailPack 800DH

        • High-performance T312 turbo transmission
        • Hydrodynamic traction power
        • Optimally suited for railcars with maximum speeds of 160-200 km/h
        • Maximum engine power up to 735 kW

        RailPack 800DE

        • For diesel-electric vehicles
        • Electric traction power
        • Motor driven traction generator
        • Maximum engine power up to 735 kW
        RailPack Hybrid
        RailPack Hybrid

        Is your goal to reach the highest possible cost efficiency with the lowest possible CO2 footprint? No problem with Voith's RailPack Hybrid. 

        Together with you, we’ll develop a concept that is perfectly adapted to the requirements of your DMU – irrespective of whether it is a serial configuration or a parallel concept.
        You benefit from an energy-efficient, reliable system and are guaranteed to drive emission-free and quietly in the station area.

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        Rendering RailPack 500DM

        Reliability from the whole system down to the smallest unit. Learn more about the components that help our drive systems achieve maximum functionality.

        Rail engines Transmissions

        RailPack diagnosis

          RailPack Diagnostic is an interface for accelerating maintenance today and realizing data-based maintenance in the future.

          Maintenance accelerated

          With RailPack Diagnostic, you can easily and clearly view the data of all components of your drive system with one interface. Via Ethernet interface or telemetry, all diagnostic data of engine, transmission, cooling system and generator are transmitted. You can see identification, fault memory and selected statistics data at a glance in our application, where it is also possible to update the control software.

          Your advantages:

          • Accelerated data retrieval and maintenance thanks to one interface instead of many
          • Lower costs and less maintenance and training effort thanks to one software solution instead of many

          Do you need troubleshooting support? Our experts will be happy to help and advise you.

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          Maintenance thought ahead

          The highest availability of your drivetrain is what drives us. That's why we're working on solutions that will help you minimize downtime in the future. RailPack Diagnostic is the interface for the data-based future of maintenance. We provide you with exactly the information you need for this purpose.

          Your outlook:

          • Condition-based maintenance
          • Predictive maintenance thanks to early damage detection
          • Data-based repair planning

          Are you interested in our work on the maintenance of the future? Our experts are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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              DMU driving in Costa Rica.

              More energy efficiency for Costa Rica

              Voith is proud to contribute with its RailPacks to a reliable and more energy-efficient operation of the Interurbano Line in the future. The vehicles manufactured by CRRC Qingdao Sifang will be equipped with diesel-mechanical drive systems from Heidenheim.
              DMU driving in Maceio, Brazil.

              Reliable RailPacks for Brazil

              Almost 50 rail buses of Bom Sinal have been fitted with reliable RailPacks from Voith. The diesel-mechanical packages with 400 KW engine output stand out thanks to an integrated underfloor cooling system and the installed DIWARail with a high transmission input power.

              Voith RailPacks move Slovakia

              The new DMU platform of ZOŠ Vrútky will be equipped with diesel-hydraulic 400DH drive packages from Voith. The operator ZSSK will benefit from the system's high electrical auxiliary power of 70 kVA, which contributes to high passenger comfort. As soon as the vehicles are commissioned, a total of 106 RailPacks will be in service in Slovakia. Apart from the two-part vehicles of the RegioMover, Voith has already equipped the three-part vehicles of the ZSSK fleet with 600DH systems in the past.

              Future-oriented technology for Chinese rail transport

              The Chinese rail vehicle manufacturer CRRC is currently testing the new RailPack 400DE. In addition to a diesel engine, the RailPack 400DE also consists of a 345-kW generator, making it the first hybrid drive in Chinese rail transport. Thanks to its insensitivity to climatic conditions, the drive can also withstand the external temperatures in northern China of down to -40°C without any problems.

              Powerful drive technology for the Ukraine

              Beginning of 2020 the new three-car DMU manufactured by Kryukov Railway Car Building Works entered service in the Ukraine. The DPKr-3 trains perform five roundtrips a day on the busy route between Kiew and Boryspil Airport. At the heart of the powertrain are Voith's 600DH RailPacks with an engine output of 588 kW.

              Powerful drive packs for northern England

              The Desiro diesel-hydraulic trains are in service in inter-city traffic between Liverpool and Newcastle. To handle the steep inclines of the Pennine Hills, the DMUs are equipped with particularly powerful drive systems, including the RailPack 800DH from Voith.

              Optimal design for Italian public transport

              The Minuetto diesel-hydraulic railcar gives Italian regional traffic an elegant touch with its design. Voith supports the project with the RailPack 600DH, ideally designed for railcars.

              Tailor-made technology for rail maintenance

              The state-of-the-art ultrasonic measuring trains that Matisa designed for the French state railway SNCF represent the highest measurement accuracy. Voith supplied the RailPack 800DH, which is precisely adapted to the requirements of these special rail vehicles.

              Reliable technology for Brazilian public transit

              The railcar manufacturer BomSinal relies on Voith's drive packages. Since 2010, railbuses from the Brazilian cities of Fortaleza and Recife have been running with the highly efficient RailPack 400DM, ideally designed for light railcars.

              Bestseller on European Tour

              The 400DH drive package is the bestseller among RailPacks. Countless regional trains from the Polish manufacturer PESA are equipped with these. More than 330 packages are making their way through Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine. The ATR 220, which operates in southern Italy, is the largest fleet equipped with the diesel-hydraulic system.

              Drive systems for Ukraine

              Pesa also equipped the 620M series vehicles with Voith drive packages. The RailPack 600DH is installed in the multiple unit operated in the Ukraine.

              RailPacks on board

              The UST02 measuring train from Eurailscout checks the condition of rails using ultrasound and eddy current. The two-piece diesel railcar is equipped with a large measuring and meeting room as well as a kitchen and sleeping facilities. Also on board is the RailPack 600DH from Voith.