Guangzhou, China

The first high head, large capacity pumped storage plant

The Guangzhou pumped storage plant is the first high head, large capacity pumped storage plant in China.

With a total capacity of 2 400 MW it is one of the largest in the world. Voith supplied four reversible pumped storage units with an output of 300 MW each. The first unit was commissioned in 1998 while the last unit was commissioned in June 2000.

Due to their reliability and stability, the equipment provided by Voith has been in operation for nearly two decades. Voith has also signed technical service contracts with Guangzhou II to provide complete life-cycle-service. To date, Voith has refurbished the poles, a key component of generators, for three units in its generator workshop in Shanghai.

From June 1993 to the end of 2010, Guangzhou Pumped Storage Plant has produced 41 billion KWH of generated power and 52.77 billion KWH of pumped power, while starting 153 499 times and running for 350 409 hours. It plays an important role in ensuring the safe, economical operation of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant and the transmission of power from West to East, thereby improving the reliability of both the Hong Kong and South China Power Grids.