hypower No. 34

    Sustainable and reliable energy production is one of the most important topics of our times. The ongoing modernizations of existing hydropower stations play a key role in this. They contribute to the enhancement of the stations, like the restoration or increase of their full performance, or making the operations more efficient through automation.

    The focus of this hypower issue lies on the stories and people behind successful modernizations of hydropower plants all over the world – and how they contribute to a more sustainable and effective energy production.

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      by Voith Hydro – No. 34

      From Porto Colombia and Paulo Afonso in South America, to Fort Randall and Norfork in the U.S., to Foyers and Tinfos in Europe, many major hydropower plants are undergoing impressive upgrades. Modernization projects are particularly important in the context of a sustainable and secure energy supply, as they enable the plants to operate reliably.

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        Modernizing & upgrading your hydropower plant