Voith Turbo customer magazine ontrack#6
Voith Turbo customer magazine ontrack#6

Plug and DRIVE – E-Mobility Pays Off

ontrack No. 06

    “Plug and DRIVE – E-Mobility Pays Off” isn’t just the title of this latest issue of ontrack, it’s an attitude. The transformation toward electrified powertrains has been underway for years. Whether in city buses and, in the future, intercity buses, heavy-duty waste and construction vehicles, ferries, offshore supply ships, and countless rail vehicles – e-mobility is the mobility of the future. And this is true not only due to environmental and social reasons, but even more so for financial reasons.

    As a systems manufacturer, we’re just as aware of them as we are of national framework legislation being passed around the globe. In China, the United States, and in Europe, the end of fossil fuel-based combustion technology as a drive solution has been ushered in by law.

    In light of this fact, I believe that Voith Turbo’s systematic realignment towards the growth markets of e-mobility puts us in a strong position. We are part of the global transformation in energy production (think wind turbines and their offshore installation, for example) as well as mobility solutions on the road, rails, and the water.

    On the following pages, I invite you to learn more about our e-mobility solutions such as the VEDS HD+ or our electric Voith Schneider Propeller. I’m sure you’ll be impressed. In addition, witness how we’re leading hydrogen technology into an innovative, promising future with our 700 bar storage system. And recognize the special role we play in Europe with our automatic coupler solution for rail freight transport, because Voith has succeeded in setting a benchmark with our CargoFlex.

    Hopefully we’ll see each other in person at one of the three leading trade shows for rail vehicles (InnoTrans), heavy-duty vehicles (IAA Transportation), and ships (SMM). I look forward to further in-depth discussions and send you my warmest regards!

    Martin Wawra
    Executive Vice President & CEO Voith Turbo Mobility

    We hope that reading this issue is not only enjoyable, but thought-provoking and inspiring.

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      by Voith Turbo – No. 06

      Plug and DRIVE – E-Mobility Pays Off
      The shift to electric vehicles also makes financial sense.

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