OnControl.FieldInstruments: comprehensive equipment from a single source

Comprehensive equipment from a single source: OnControl.FieldInstruments

    Field instruments are an essential part of any plant and have a crucial impact on proper functioning. Therefore Voith offers an integrated solutions package for your plant instrumentation.

    Newly designed facilities are often equipped with field instruments from various suppliers. To avoid a substantial coordination effort on the customer side, concerning obtaining and comparing quotations, tracking orders and checking the deliveries, Voith offers all field instruments in one package. The concept includes a large variety of valves and sensors. Due to the close cooperation with highly qualified partners, a fast and efficient supply of spare parts all over the world is guaranteed. The customers benefit from simplified order processing, leaving the entire instrumentation handling to Voith. In addition standardized instrumentation from one supplier eases the integration of devices into the control system and enables uniform documentation.

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    Our equipment for papermaking

      Our portfolio ranges from shut-off and control valves over level and pressure transmitters to sensors for flow and temperature measurement. Thanks to the different variants produced exclusively for Voith, the best possible solution can be selected for each segment in your papermaking process.

      OnC BallValves

      Compact and sturdy shut-off valves with full opening

      Our ball valves are shut-off valves and can be activated pneumatically as well as manually. Their opening is unlimited and the spindle seal is maintenance-free.

      The ball valves are available with a diameter of DN 15 to DN 200 and a pressure range from PN 10 to PN 100. The ball valves can be used up to a medium temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.

      They have an intermediate flange, internal thread, welding ends, threaded holes and a PTFE seat ring. In addition, the shut-off valves have a full opening and a maintenance-free spindle seal. Simple direct assembly is available for pneumatic drives. Alternatively, activation can be done with a manual lever. A safety function is available for the drive as additional equipment and the Voith VS500 limit switch box for final position monitoring.

      The ball valves are used for controlling the flow media.

      Product benefits:

      • Modular design
      • Compact dimensions
      • Easy maintenance
      • Additional O-ring seal in spindle, making it also suitable for vacuum applications
      • Highest quality materials
      • Cutting-edge production methods
      • Excellent price-performance ratio


      OnC SegmentValves

      Segmented ball valves for consistencies up to 18%

      Our segment valves are segmented ball valves that are optimally suited to all consistency and pressure controls. They can be used for water, stock/reject and steam.

      Our segmented ball valves are an optimal solution for the paper industry and can be used with consistencies up to 18%. They can be pneumatically or manually activated with hand gearing/hand lever. The drive itself can be optionally equipped with a security function (spring closes, spring opens). The segment valves are also available as a control valve with VP500 (Voith positioner). The diameters available range from DN 25 to DN 700; the intermediate flange is available from DN 25 up to DN 250. The seat ring of the valves is made of PTFE53, optionally of metal. For high differential pressure, the low-noise version would be the preferred option, which controls the steam and provides for decompression. The V-groove version should be used for minimal flow rates.

      Our segment valves are used for application in stock preparation up to the dryer section and are also suitable for high contaminant contents such as reject. A metal seat ring should be used.

      Product benefits

      • Suitable for high consistencies
      • A wide range of options for every requirement
      • Low-noise version
      • V-port version for medium consistencies
      • Modular design


      OnC DiscValves

      Armature for a multitude of applications

      Our Disc Valves are soft-sealing valves that block liquids and gases and perform simple control tasks. The modular design of the valves simplifies the replacement of parts.

      Our disc valves with a centrally seated valve disc are maintenance free. The soft-sealing seat is replaceable and is available in EPDM, NBR or FKM materials, depending on flow applications. A version with a cemented collar is available for vacuum applications. An enclosure with PTFE lining is also available.The materials GG25, GGG40 and stainless steel 1,4408 are available for the enclosure. Depending on the material specification chosen and the flow medium, the valve blocks differential pressures up to 16 bar. The valves can be fitted with pneumatic actuators, final position monitoring units or positioners.

      Our disc valves can be used with a multitude of applications for blocking liquids and gases.

      Product benefits

      • Triple eccentric specially fabricated seat for low wear and high sealing capacity (DV500)
      • Parts easy to replace
      • Modular structure and reduced inventory
      • Low-noise version
      • Disc and shaft made of stainless steel
      • Self-lubricating bearings


      Valve accessories

      Perfect-fit for all applications

      We offer a large portfolio of various actuators, positioners and a limit switch box suitable for several valve types. Our teams will find the perfect-fit accessories for your paper machine.

      The OnC SegmentValve, OnC DiscValve and OnC BallValve series are supplied completely assembled and tested. The modular system allows the same components to be used for different valve types and reduces the spare parts inventory. Limit monitoring is solved via inductive limit switches that are installed preassembled in the limit switch box VS500. The same VP500 equipment is used for all valve types.

      Similarly, an identical positioner VP500 can be ordered as an option for all valves to allow the respective valve to be used for control applications. The actuators are available separately as additional accessories. Spare and wear parts are available on request.



      Product benefits

      • Modular structure
      • Reduced spare parts inventory
      • Structurally identical positioners and limit switch monitors for all product families
      • Structurally identical actuators for ball valves and soft seated butterfly valves
      • Structurally identical actuators for segmented ball valves and metal-seated butterfly valves


      OnC AirValves

      Withstand the toughest conditions

      To produce linear movement in order to operate the valve, OnC AirValve uses air pressure. Customers profit from a high air flow rate and application possibilities even under harsh conditions.

      With our air valves, we supplies different on-off valves with either built-on Namur solenoid valves or solenoid valve blocks. They contain 8 or 16 solenoid valves, which are normally integrated into cabinets. For the tubing between the solenoid valves and the process valve actuators, Voith tube bundles with welding beads protection are recommended as they contain two tubes in one. The Namur interface of the process valves pneumatic actuator eases direct mounting of the solenoid valve onto the actuator. Thus, installation costs are decreased and pneumatic and electric installation simplified. For all rotary actuators the switchbox VS500 is the perfect addition to connect the solenoid coil cable.

      Product benefits

      • Robust Namur solenoid valves with high protection class IP67
      • High air flow rate to ensure fast operation of large process valves
      • Solenoid valve blocks with 8 or 16 stations as an alternative to Namur valves
      • Special pneumatic tubes in polyamide (PA12) for harsh environments featuring welding beads protection to minimize tube defects during plant installation
      • Assembled and tested Solenoid valve box in stainless steel available


      Compressed air preparation

      Innovative and pressure-tight modules

      For the overall performance of pneumatic components the preparation of instrument air is very important. Therefore, our portfolio includes specially designed modules for air preparation.

      Our modules for compressed air preparation are innovative, compact and protected against dust, dirt particles and moisture by their modular design. The modules are very flexible and include oil mist lubricators for smooth functioning. High flow filter regulators maintain a constant air pressure and protect the equipment against pollution. Guaranteed functionality, attractive design and absolute pressure-tightness of all the freely combinable modules make the difference. Due to the modular equipment architecture, it is also possible to combine all modules to a unique air preparation system. The scalable system is available in different module sizes and consists of a high performance and lower weight synthetic material – for best performance.

      Product benefits

      • Shut-off ball valve to isolate downstream equipment
      • Air filters for particles of 3 μm or 5 μm
      • Pressure regulator, according to customer needs
      • Filter regulator with cleaning and regulating functionality
      • Oil mist lubricators for smooth functioning
      • Accessories, pressure gauges, mounting brackets and coupling kit for individual devices
      • Modular and flexible
      • Scalable system with different module sizes
      • Air preparation systems in single or double versions
      • Design according to the needs of various air consumers
      • High performance and lower weight synthetic material
      • High functionality and absolute pressure tightness


      OnC FlowSens

      High-level of measurement accuracy and extensive self-diagnostics

      Our flow sensors are suitable for all flow measurements for paper manufacturing, including water, stock, steam, chemicals and auxiliary materials.

      With our flow sensor, the measurement accuracy is better than 0.15%. The nominal diameter of the magnetic-inductive flow meter (FS 604) ranges from DN 2.5 to DN 2000, and that of the magnetic-inductive ceramic flow meter (FS 605) from DN 2.5 to DN 25. Air bubbles in the medium are compensated for in equal measure by both sensors. Sensors are available in both versions with directly fitted transducer (compact version) or separate transducer. Likewise there are optional low-noise electrodes for both OnC FlowSens variants. The ceramic sensor is also suitable for severely abrasive media. For both devices, a transducer (UC 600) is available as a compact version, wall enclosure or field enclosure. Measurements of various media are possible with our flow sensor. It offers a high level of measurement accuracy and extensive self-diagnostics.

      Product benefits

      • The most advanced measurement processing and diagnostics
      • A variety of material combinations available, including robust ceramic liner


      OnC PressSens

      Transmitters for high measuring accuracy

      OnC PressSens is a high-quality pressure sensor with hydrostatic pressure and level transmitters. Depending on the order specification, it is used for measuring fill level, pressure or vacuum.

      A special ceramic measuring cell with radial protected seal allows flush-mounted installation of the OnC PressSens in pipes, vats, containers and storage towers. The pressure sensor is characterized above all by high measuring accuracy, overload resistance, temperature stability and corrosion resistance. For high temperature applications and aggressive media, a highly resistant diaphragm made of stainless steel is used. The sensor element operates with internal transmission fluid and special temperature compensation.

      Due to the high abrasion resistance of the ceramic used, OnC PressSens is especially suited for the requirements of recovered paper stock preparation, from pulping all the way to the headbox.

      Product benefits

      • Modular system for all applications
      • Sturdy design with abrasion resistant special ceramic material
      • Only one transmitter for pressure and level
      • Easy to replace valve assembly for storage towers
      • Remote display and operation
      • Available with 4–20 mA HART and Profibus PA plus option for climate compensated transmitters


      OnC LevelSens

      Filling level meters for all areas of paper manufacturing

      The filling level meters and limit switches in the OnC LevelSens product line are used in all areas of paper manufacturing. Different measurement procedures ensure their versatility.

      The available measurement procedures of the OnC LevelSens include radar, ultrasound, vibration, hydrostatic pressure and capacitive processes. Hydrostatic pressure sensors, a suspension pressure transducer, a microwave sensor and radar and ultrasound sensors are part of the product line. A rod measuring probe is available for level measurement of adhesive and conductive liquids and cable measuring probe is available for level measurement of bulk solids and liquids.

      The filling level sensors and limit switches in the OnC LevelSens product line can be used in all areas of paper manufacturing.

      Product benefits

      • Modular system for all applications
      • Non-contact measuring process
      • Unaffected by product characteristics
      • Simple commissioning without the need for calibration
      • Wear and maintenance free
      • One operating module for all measurement systems
      • Available with 4–20 mA HART and Profibus PA


      OnC Turbidity

      Precise turbidity measurement

      Water quality in paper manufacturing is a important parameter to control and stabilize the paper production. Closing the water systems in order to reduce the freshwater consumption need internal advanced treatments, control and monitoring of process water, thus reduce liquid discharges. In addition, savings on chemicals and operating costs for effluent treatment can be realized.

      The OnC ConSens 720 is an optical sensor for suspended solids and turbidity measurement in water, wastewater and utilities that allows unattended operation in a wide range of process conditions. Its unique design is extremely robust and it is also low-maintenance thanks to its self-cleaning functionality. Choose from different integrated analytical models to adapt the sensor to your specific application.

      Product benefits

      • One sensor for all applications, sensor fits all measuring ranges
      • Fast and easy commissioning, sensor comes pre-calibrated
      • Minimizes maintenance, intelligent design enables sophisticated self-cleaning capabilities
      • Optimizes stockholding, simplifies life cycle management


      OnC TempSens

      Reliable temperature measurement

      With OnC TempSens, we offer a product family that includes sensors with large temperature ranges and fixed or separate thermowell for all kinds of application.

      The OnC TempSens product portfolio provides different versions of sensors with various process connections. The adequate temperature transmitters are available as head-or-rail mounted version. Instruments with Profibus are also offered in addition to analog current output. Featuring plug-in, screw-in, weld-in and flange connections, temperature sensors from Voith fulfill various requirements and are available as customized solutions.

      Product benefits

      • Complete range of temperature RTD sensors
      • Cable and surface temperature sensors
      • Customized solutions available


      OnC UniCom

      Versatile and easy handling sensor indicators

      To keep the operating team up to date with all the important process information, we offer the OnC UniCom product range that contains various internal and external indicating and adjustment modules.

      The wide range of versatile indicators and displays for signal processing and sensor adjustment is available in almost all languages. To ensure smooth operation, measuring instruments are employed to deliver a steady flow of up-to-date, objective information about the process to the control and regulation technology. Various hardware components as well as signal conditioning software process and integrate the measurement data. They convert the analogue or digital signals from the measuring instruments into information, for example measured values, that are displayed on indicating instruments or fed directly into the control system.

      Product benefits

      • Uniform operating philosophy
      • Almost all languages available
      • Intuitive to operate
      • Analogue and digital display mode
      • Shows engineering units


      Sensor accessories

      Supply from one source

      Sensor accessories are a complementary component to the product range of Voith. Therefore, a large range of accessories is available for the measuring instruments including various process connections, manifold valve blocks, and mounting stets.

      The transmitter service valves allow disconnecting a pressure transmitter from the process without interrupting the production. Our customers benefit from a supply from one source.

      Product benefits

      • Complementary component to Voith product range
      • Supply from one source

      • Comprehensive equipment from a single source -              OnC FieldInstruments

        Comprehensive equipment from a single source - OnC FieldInstruments


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