Faster, easier, and higher quality manufacturing of CFRP tools

We provide you with Carbon/Epoxy multi-layer tiles in 300x300mm for easier and faster composite tool manufacturing


Our online quality control ensures the highest standard of tooling production. Carbon4Tool reduces manual labor and human mistakes, increases your output and makes tool production up to 70% faster. With small lot sizes, material consumption and waste are reduced.

Tailored tooling kits are also available.

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Our unique CFRP technology

    Customer benefits

    • Up to 70% reduction in tooling production time
    • Immediately ready for tool lamination
    • Significant material waste reduction 
    • No additional lay-up requirement
    • Consistent, digitally monitored and protocolled quality management during production

    VRA interval layup for improved draping


      • 50mm x 200mm UD prepreg tapes allow the material to stretch and adapt to the geometry
      • The Voith Roving Applicator (VRA) layup sequence makes sure that when a gap opens, other fibers push into the gap, eliminating any print through on the final surface 
      • Carbon4Tool technology has a further benefit of a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of 2.62 x 10-8°C-1 for higher accuracy.

      DUQUEINE Group x Carbon4Tool

        DUQUEINE Group - a world-class manufacturer of composite parts in France - joined forces with Voith Composites to test Carbon4Tool - our  innovative new carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers (CFRP) prepreg material for tooling applications.

        Discover why Carbon4Tool entered DUQUEINE’s material portfolio for tooling technologies.

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        Mario Krupka


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