Motor-gear units

Motor-gear units

    The motor-gear units from Voith are ideally suited for your electromechanical drive systems. For trams, light rail and mainline vehicles, we supply the electric traction motor and the gear unit perfectly matched from a single source. For you, we take over the complete engineering, including interface management from the dynamic drive design to the ready-to-install unit.

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    All benefits at a glance

      Voith Turbo Rail - Complete Wheelset - Motor gear units
      Easy maintenance
      Reliable components
      Compact design
      Optimally matched to their application and individual solutions
      Voith Turbo Rail - Complete Wheelset - Motor gear units


        We move what moves the world. Voith motor-gear units run reliably all over the world.

        Sophisticated design for extreme conditions

        With the specially designed motor-gear units, Voith provides the optimal solution for Helsinki's demanding tram network.

        Thanks to the full suspension, dynamic driving characteristics are realized under all operating conditions despite the hard track substructure. Thanks to an ingenious sealing concept, lines up to 200 m long with a water level of 20 cm above the top edge of the rail can be traversed without water entering the gear unit.

        Ideal connection for Ghanaian commuter traffic

        The diesel-electric commuter trains connecting the Ghanaian capital Accra with the important port city Tema are equipped with Voith traction equipment, among others. Voith contributes to this project with ideally matched gear units and 150 kW traction motors.

        MGUs for Manchesters M5000

        Voith supplied complete motor-gear units for forty M5000 high-floor light rail vehicles from Bombardier/ Vossloh Kiepe, which were delivered to Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive from 2009 to 2016. The robust 120-SV-SZH418 MGU convinces with its robust design and highest reliability.

        100 % for Metro do Porto

        Voith demonstrated 100 % flexibility and customer focus with the motor-gear units for Portos one hundred percent low-floor trams. The 120-SV-SZH418 MGUs were specially designed for the Flexity Swift family of vehicles supplied by Bombardier Metro do Porto.

        Perfect teamwork for the European Championship

        Not only the Spanish national team, which won the European Football Championship in Poland, proved a perfect team performance in 2012. Next to the football field, Voith's 105-SV-KSH217 MGUs also excelled with a flawless interplay. Equipped with these reliable units, the Poznan tram safely brought the soccer fans to the stadium.

        Further products for electric rail vehicles

          From the smallest unit to the entire system, Voith offers you the ideal solution for electric rail vehicles. Convince yourself.