SedimentCareProgram with Voith
SedimentCareProgram with Voith

Sustainable sediment management

SedimentCareProgram –
Voith’s sustainable solution

    Hydropower plants can interrupt the sediment continuity of rivers and accumulate the sediments in the reservoirs. This can lead to sediment shortage downstream, which influences the river morphology, river deltas, coast lines and consequently impairs the life of all organisms living in- and outside of the river. In addition, the accumulated sediments limit the capacity of the reservoir for energy production and can effect the secure operation of the hydropower station.

    Conventional solutions to remove sediments, such as flushing and dredging, solve the problem only temporarily and are associated with long downtimes and environmentally harmful consequences in addition to water loss. High costs for plant operators are not only caused by the sediment removal itself, but also by the dumping of the sediments in case of dredging or damages in the downstream in case of flushing. In addition, the harmful consequences for the ecosystem are increasingly coming into focus and environmental requirements are enforcing a sustainable approach when using water for energy production.

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    Your benefits with the SedimentCareProgram

      Voith’s SedimentCareProgram, offers a customized, sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to solve silting problems in accordance with your local legal and environmental regulations. The process combines a sustainable and uninterrupted hydropower station operation with a continuous sediment transfer. As a plant operator, you benefit from maximum availability, as well as increased productivity of hydropower stations and reservoirs over the entire life cycle.

      Your benefits with the SedimentCareProgram

      Steps for successful operation

        Pre-study & site visit

        • Sediment and hydrology analysis
        • Turbine condition inspection
        • Machine part risk assessment
        • Operational analysis and equipment sizing

        Operational planning

        • Operational planning and time schedule
        • Starting approval process by environmental authorities
        • Preparation of machine maintenance and services

        Installation and commissioning

        • Delivery, installation and commissioning of the suction dredger
        • Integration of all measurement and monitoring systems
        • Connection to Voith remote diagnostic center

        Operations and De-sedimentation

        • Automated de-sedimentation operation
        • Close monitoring of the power station equipment
        • Maintenance and service of the power station equipment as planned
        • Real time monitoring of operations and documentation of the transported sediment

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