Voith HyService secures Beijing’s power backup

Beijing-based Shisanling power station belongs to Xinyuan group of State Grid Corporation of China, and consequently has strict requirements on safety, reliability and generation capacity. With its four high-powered reversible turbines, the pumped storage hydropower plant has already been running for more than two decades. Not only is the Voith HyService team providing on-site technical support, but its solutions make Shisanling the Beijing power grid’s final backup for generations.

One of Beijing's biggest challenges of building a strong power grid is to maintain security and stability. Balancing supply and demand is therefore key. State-owned Shisanling pumped storage power station not only has been preventing shortages and irregular distribution here since 1995 but also is connecting low-carbon energy with the grid. Moreover, with the help of Voith HyService the power station was made ready for its future as Beijing’s final backup in case of an outage.

Shisanling: Pumped storage plant


In operation since 1995

  • Rated head: 430 m
  • Rated output: 800 MW

The project included delivery and installation of high-quality spare parts, refurbishment as well as on-site services such as disassembly and commissioning. As the four existing units had been in operation for more than two decades, the Voith overhaul was a necessary step towards the smooth interaction of all components, maximum service life, and the optimum productivity of Shisanling.

The plant is near the world-renowned Ming tombs among the scenery of Mangsham mountain, incorporating 4,500,000 cubic meters of storage and a total installed capacity of 800 megawatts (MW). From the refurbishment of the main inlet valve to the commissioning of unit 3, the whole project took Voith only eight months.

Voith has 150 years of experience in hydropower equipment manufacturing as well as strong organization and technical expertise. Voith has plenty of references on both overhauling and modernizing hydropower plants which makes sure our current project is running very smoothly.
Zhang Heng, Vice President, Shisanling pumped storage power station Bejing, China

What is more, the Voith HyService experts on-site committed themselves to extending the lifetime of Shisanling hydropower plant, and consequently keeping it operating smoothly – on a long-term basis and at the highest level of efficiency. New parts such as turbine guide bearings, main coupling parts and self-lubrication bearings were directly available.

With Voith’s smart service solutions, we combined the benefits of our technology and data knowledge with unique process know-how. The modification of the HyCon digital governor, for example, could be delivered on time, too, thanks to our network of experts on standby customer support. Together with the customer, Voith could significantly increase the reliability of the pumped storage plant and improve its technical performance.

Voith HyService expert on-site with Shisanling customers

“We hope that we will continue to cooperate with Voith and further develop innovative safety methods within the industry,” said Zhang Heng. Voith has been earning their customers’ confidence for decades – thanks to the reliability, technological leadership, and unconditional commitment to customers of its experts. Based on this confidence, Voith accompanies customers like Shisanling into a successful and innovative future.

Storing energy ever since

Pumped storage is the economically and environmentally most developed form of storing energy and, at the same time, making it available to the grid for peaking supply needs and system regulation. This has been done by Voith since the technology was invented. Today, Shisanling is one of 200 Voith pumped storage units that have been installed worldwide with a combined output of more than 24,000 MW.

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From profit ability to profitability

With proactive services and customized service agreements, Voith HyService helps operators run their hydropower plants at maximum profitability. HyService experts provide support anywhere at any time, so you can get the best from your hydropower plant. From the smooth interaction of all components to maximum service life and optimum productivity, Voith is a trusted service partner for generations.

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