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Low life cycle costs with the DIWA SmartNet Bus Monitor

Voith helps fleet operators to realize low maintenance and repair costs while simultaneously maintaining high vehicle availability.

Due to their central position, automatic transmissions are important interfaces in vehicles and can be used to capture operating data without additional sensors. In order to utilize this data efficiently, reliable and quick access is necessary.

DIWA SmartNet utilizes the capabilities of state-of-the-art communication technology with the help of a proven transmission module installed in the vehicle and the forwarding of data via a web server to the Voith IT world.

The DIWA SmartNet Bus Monitor enables simple and fast access via the Internet. This means the operator has an overview of all relevant vehicle data.

DIWA SmartNet makes it possible to realize low costs for maintenance and repairs while simultaneously maintaining high vehicle availability. At the same time, the operator is optimally informed about the condition of the Voith transmission and thus provided with a simple and efficient way of monitoring.

Advantages of the DIWA SmartNet Bus Monitor:

  • Permanent status monitoring via key parameters
  • Fast identification of the condition of the transmission with the help of traffic light display system
  • Visualization of important operating data
  • Complete ECU file for analysis
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Automatic emergency email or SMS

To keep you on track

    DIWA Smart Service

    With DIWA Smart Service you increase the value and availability of your buses.
    A service that pays off long term. Find out more in our new, interactive DIWA Smart Service application.

    Voith Turbo Commercial Vehicles forms new Smart Services division

    In October 2015, Voith Turbo formed the Smart Services division under the umbrella of Aftersales & Services, with the aim of realizing a substantial reduction in life cycle costs.

    With Smart Services, Voith Turbo Mobility bundles its transmission know-how and extensive knowledge of drivelines with existing telematics solutions such as DIWA SmartNet. Smart Services is focused on the development of new services and products, especially in the area of fuel consumption and maintenance.

    Smart Services allows us to quickly respond to customer requirements and to act flexibly in the dynamic market for telematics solutions. We have already won customers for pilot projects and are demonstrating initial potential savings.

    New FAQs available for DIWA: Answers to the most important questions regarding the DIWA transmission

    The goal of the new FAQs is to support operators during maintenance and repairs of their Voith DIWA transmissions. In doing so, Voith offers its customers the opportunity to quickly find the optimal solution.

    The new FAQs answer questions, for example, about oil changes and the oil release list. At the same time, the FAQs also offer help regarding the acquisition of Voith original spare parts, repair options and other questions.

    DIWA FAQs overview

    Transmitting operating data in an even smarter way: Voith rolls out SmartCase for the transmission of telemetry data via WiFi

    In April 2016, Voith Commercial Vehicles extended its product range in the area of telemetry. With the development of the Voith SmartCase, operating data can be transmitted not only with the SmartBox via cellphone networks, but also via a local WiFi hotspot and the Internet.

    This gives customers the opportunity to cost effectively monitor their car fleets by connecting to the Voith SmartNet without needing a SIM card. The fleet operator thus has all the benefits of the Voith SmartNet in the areas of maintenance and repairs, vehicle availability, and fuel consumption.

    DIWA diagnostic tools

    The search for malfunctions in the DIWA control system can be a time-consuming, complex task without professional diagnostic tools. We offer the appropriate tools for comprehensive diagnostics on the DIWA control system.


    An interface is required for the connection between the vehicle and PC (ALADIN). Interfaces are available via USB, Bluetooth, WLAN and RS232.


    The following interfaces can be used to establish the connection between the vehicle and PC:

      DIWA.3   DIWA.5 DIWA.6   VIAB Order number
      E200 E310   KWP2000 UDS    
    Serial RS232 (COM) interface X X X X   X 151.00152911
    USB interface(Samtec HS Light)   X X X   X 151.00202110
    BlueCom interface X X X X   X 151.00400610
    SmartCase interface X X X X X 150.01297310
    SmartCase XT interface X X X X X 150.01297210


    ¹ Loading the software in the E200 also requires a cable with a switch to interrupt the ECU power supply.


    Please note that different Voith products and controllers use different communications protocols. As such, not every interface can be used for every controller.

    Connection cable via UDS for SmartCase Interface / SmartCase XT Interface

    • Voith OBD2 Adapter 150.01368510 (Evobus, MAN, or Solaris)
    • Voith OBD2 Adapter 150.01368610 (VDL)
    • Voith OBD2 Adapter 150.01368710 (IvecoBus)
    • Voith OBD2 Adapter 150.01368810 (ADL)
    • Voith OBD2 Adapter 150.01368910 (Scania)

    Reman DIWA

      Voith insists on the highest quality, not only for newly produced gearboxes but also for refurbished ones.

      Voith DIWA gearboxes are fully refurbished at our factory in Garching near Munich. Using the most up-to-date processes, we are able to modernize DIWA gearboxes so they are as good as new. Additionally, customers benefit from the technical advances in the series gearbox. Naturally, these advancements flow into our Reman products as well.


      Your concrete benefits from Voith remanufacturing:

      • Green: Reduce your ecological footprint by using refurbished products.
      • Profitability: Reduce your operating costs by using refurbished products, which are generally 50-75% cheaper than new parts.
      • Power: High-quality components that are not only repaired, but also technically brought up to the state of the art.


      DIWA repairs / maintenance

        We offer on-site service for municipal bus gearboxes.

        Our comprehensive services range from troubleshooting and diagnostics to complete overhaul of gearboxes to consultation on preventative overhauls. We also offer the opportunity to use replacement gearboxes or have factory repairs in the maintenance contract. You will find the contact person for your region under Contacts.

        Why Voith original spare parts?


          What may initially appear to be the same can be expensive in the end due to deficient processing, low-quality materials or poor design.

          Avoid expensive subsequent damage by using original Voith spare parts. Reliable, robust, economical: Only Voith original spare parts are technically of state-of-the-art series production and tuned perfectly to the complete system. With our original spare parts, we offer high product quality and thus mobility and security when on the road.


          Gearbox-specific spare parts catalogs save you time-consuming, costly searches. And the parts will be available for at least 15 years – guaranteed! For a preventive overhaul, Voith offers high-quality replacement gearboxes and components for the central DIWA gearbox assemblies. You reduce the downtime for your buses and lower repair and overhaul costs – without compromising quality and reliability.

          We provide you with a 1-year warranty for spare parts and replacement parts. Of course, we take back your old parts and dispose of them properly.

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