Service for variable speed drives

Service for Variable Speed Drives

We increase the availability and operational reliability of your system.

Variable speed drives are an essential component in the driveline. This is very important for the cost effectiveness of your system. Our services ensure safe and reliable operation.

How you benefit:

  • Assured productivity
  • Longer service life
  • Predictable life-cycle costs (LCC)

Occupational safety, health and environmental protection are very important for the engineers and technicians in our global Voith service network. Regular training ensures our field service staff has a high level of expertise. Our sales engineers and field service technicians are your local contacts in all regions around the world.


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Variable Speed Drives (aev)

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Our Offers

Service solutions for Vorecon, Variable Speed Coupling, Geared Variable Speed Coupling, Torque Converter and Vosycon

Original Voith Spare Parts

Original Voith spare parts for variable speed drives

Nothing fits better

We are your dependable partner for the reliable operation of your system.

What we offer:

  • Original Voith spare parts (including warranty)
  • Recommendations for every operational phase of your system
  • Spare parts packages tailored to your needs
  • Complete functional assemblies (for example, replacement rotors)
  • Spare parts available throughout the entire service life of the product (>30 years)

Spare Units

Spare units for ​variable speed drives

Ensure availability, saving time

You play it safe when it comes to replacement components, particularly for applications that require high availability and where there is no redundant driveline available such as in the oil and gas industry.

Our replacement components, which are specially adapted to your requirements will reduce your planned downtime.
The productivity and cost-effectiveness of your system increases.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul on Site

Maintenance, repair and overhaul ​for variable speed drives on site

Fast and reliable

The global Voith service network assures you of short response times. We are on-site quickly when you need us.

Voith service technicians hold all required qualifications (for example, offshore training courses, occupational safety, and SCC training). They also have many years of experience in the oil and gas industries as well as power generation. This helps us maintain the highest quality in all your service work.

Installation and commissioning

Expert installation and commissioning of your variable speed drive guarantees a smooth start and forms the basis for the reliable operation of your system. This ensures productivity and cost-effective operation from the time of start-up.


Regular maintenance by Voith service technicians increases operational reliability, reduces operating costs and extends the service life of Voith components. Maintenance by the manufacturer also makes sure you are getting the best performance from your Voith components. This ensures that your system runs reliably and efficiently.

Repairs and overhauling

In the event of a malfunction, we determine the root cause, provide the customer with a quick and efficient solution. We consider all the options of the situation.

Repair and Overhaul @ Voith

Maintenance, repair and overhaul for variable speed drives at Voith

In the best of hands


The global Voith service workshops reduce the duration and costs of repairs - thus allowing you to increase the cost-effectiveness of your system. We ensure the high Voith quality standards are met using our proven tests of all functionally important parts. You can be certain that Voith only places components into service that have successfully passed intensive functional tests.


Due to different conditions during operation, systems experience wear. This can be natural and can be affected by the environment. Compliance with the recommended overhaul intervals for your system minimizes the risk of unscheduled downtime.

Retrofit & Modernization

Retrofit and modernization of ​variable speed drives

Performance improvement


Custom-made solutions for an upgrade to your system - from the delivery of core components to turnkey solutions for your driveline, including installation and commissioning.

Conversion of rigid drives (throttle or bypass control system), replacement of hydrodynamic couplings or torque converters or drive systems from other manufacturers, replacement of steam-/ gas turbines (for driving pumps and compressors) and variable frequency drives (VFDs).

  • Save energy with speed control
  • Reduce wear
  • Spare parts available throughout the entire service life of the product (> 30 years)

Modernization of your Voith equipment

Bring your driveline up to the latest technical standards through modernization; you increase the efficiency and availability of your system.

Technical Services

24/7 technical services for variable speed drives

Your Expert – in any situation

Technical support

We help you – anytime. Our experts have the experience and know-how to provide competent advice with industry knowledge regarding your Voith components or systems.

  • Troubleshooting
  • 24/7 helpline
  • Professional root-cause analysis
  • Vibration measurement and operational data analysis

Retain control - we offer a detailed Health Check

The Health Check performed by Voith shows the current state of your components and protects against unscheduled downtimes and expensive consequential damage.
Based on the results of a Health Check, Voith will advise about overhauls, upgrades or retrofits. In this way, you know the current condition of your system and gain an overview of possible actions. This helps you make the right decisions to optimize the availability and cost-effectiveness of your system.

Technical Trainings

Technical trainings for variable speed drives

Expertise on site

We train your technical personnel how to handle Voith equipment

Our training sessions – either on site or at Voith – provide you with technical knowledge about your Voith products. Training your employees in the function and operation of your Voith components is a profitable investment for the flexible and efficient operation of your system.

Service Agreements

Service agreement ​for variable speed drives

Assurance – Signed and Sealed

Individual service agreements increase planning security for the entire service life of the product.

Maximize availability of your system through:

  • Regular condition monitoring
  • Completion of all recommended maintenance work
  • Improved availability of spare parts and wear parts