Tai'An, China

A Milestone in Tai’An

In the Shandong Province, 600 kilometers south-east of Beijing, Voith commissioned a turnkey power plant not only in a challenging environment but also with a comprehensive scope of supply.

In a joint effort, Voith in China, Japan and Germany provided four complete machine sets each rated at 255 MW, including reversible pump-turbines, motor-generators, control systems and spherical valves.

The spherical valves, set on the upstream side of spiral case, play an extremely important role in the safe operation of a pumped storage power plant. These valves weigh in at 180 tons, and have a flow-through diameter of 3.15 m and a height of 5.3 m, setting a new milestone in the history of spherical valves, manufactured in the Voith Hydro Shanghai workshop.