Innovative products put suction rolls in top form

HydroSeal saves 100,000 euros
TrackLight brings light into darkness.With TrackLight Voith has brought a second innovation on the market to improve suction roll performance. It supports the adjustment of the end deckles in the suction roll, which have to be positioned precisely. If they delimit the suction zone too narrowly, edge flipping or tearing can occur. In the opposite situation, when they are too far apart, the vacuum zone becomes larger than required, which requires an unnecessarily high level of energy consumption, i.e., waste. Since the vacuum zone of the roll is not visible, the judgement of the machine operator was previously critical when the end deckle were set. TrackLight brings the support needed for setting the vacuum zone as required. Thus not only exact positioning is made easier, but also unnecessary stressing of the adjusting mechanism is prevented and energy waste reduced, which can occur when experience is the only tool.
TrackLight impressed the first paper manufacturers directly after its launch and has already been ordered multiple times. Installation is done during a regular roll service at a Voith Service Center.//