Innovative products put suction rolls in top form

HydroSeal saves 100,000 euro

2014-03-14 - Voith recently launched two innovative products for suction rolls on the market: the HydroSeal sealing strip system and TrackLight, an end deckle positioning system. Even as it was being launched on the market, TrackLight was already impressing customers, with multiple orders being placed right away. Seventeen suction rolls have already been optimized to the latest technology with HydroSeal, only ten months after the launch. Not surprising, if you know that a paper manufacturer can save 100,000 euros every year thanks to HydroSeal.

HydroSeal is an innovative sealing strip system with an integrated lubrication water supply. The uniqueness: the water needed for lubrication of the strips is distributed absolutely uniformly over the entire width of the sealing strip. A uniform film of lubrication water is created between the top side of the sealing strip and the roll sleeve; thus no excess water. Practical tests have shown that consumption of lubrication water drops by 87% while using HydroSeal technology. Paper manufacturers that have already equipped their suction roll with HydroSeal report saving up to 30,000m³ of water per year. That corresponds to an amount of water that could fill nine Olympic-sized swimming pools. At the same time, the energy needed for the drive mechanism is reduced up to 10%, since the strips are lubricated.


Other advantages of HydroSeal are the fact that rewetting of the paper web is prevented and the CD moisture profile is improved. In addition, maintenance costs are favorably influenced because the service life of press felts and sealing strips is extended. Altogether, up to 100,000 euros per year can be saved on a single suction roll equipped with HydroSeal. The HydroSeal sealing strip system can be integrated into all current suction rolls, regardless of the manufacturer or design, and is suitable for machines of all paper grades and speed ranges.