The BlueLine Compact Dispersion System

Efficient dispersion using just three machines

2015-06-19 - The main functions of a dispersing system are to dewater and to heat the pulp suspension, to separate and to break down contaminants. For paper makers it is important that the required product quality is achieved with low energy consumption, gentle treatment of fibers and low maintenance of machines. Voith’s Compact Dispersion System meets these requirements using three efficient machines.

As the name expresses, the Compact Dispersion System developed by Voith has a compact design. It consists of three machines: the InfiltraScrewpress, the SpeedHeater steam heater and the InfibraDisp disperser. All three machines are part of Voith’s BlueLine product range for stock preparation.
Voith InfiltraScrewpress
InfiltraScrewpress The screw press takes the fiber suspension with a stock consistency of around 8 to 12 percent and dewaters it to 30 percent. The InfiltraScrewpress was developed to enhance the value for our customers by improving dewatering capacity and achieving reduced inspection times and maintenance effort. These objectives have been accomplished thanks to a combination of various innovations.
Voith SplitScreen
A more rigid machine design allows tighter tolerances between press screw and screen element. This low tolerance helps increase dewatering capacity, as does the new SplitScreen screen element, which improves drainage thanks to its large exposed surface area. Other benefits of the SplitScreen screen element are its split supporting body and two-part screen plate. This design enables fast, easy and direct access to the individual screw press components without having to dismantle it completely. As a result, maintenance work and inspections can be carried out much more quickly. It now takes only three or four hours to replace a screen plate instead of the 24 to 48 hours that were previously standard.

The press screw of the InfiltraScrewpress was also refined. The single flight has been replaced by a double flight that ensures homogeneous and continuous stock conveying. The machine retains the proven wear protection coating that is a feature of Voith press screws.

SpeedHeater is a very apt name for the quick heating screw. Whereas in conventional systems the retention time can be up to three minutes, the pulp in the SpeedHeater is brought up to temperature and transferred in just 15 to 30 seconds. SpeedHeater breaks up the stock directly at 400 rpm/min. Caused by the combination of the functions the otherwise used shredder screw is no longer required. A homogeneous stock transport is ensured by a special flight design, so that there is also no need for an equalizing screw. A positive spin-off of the short retention time is that there is no yellowing of the stock, because it is during a much shorter period of time exposed to high temperatures.

Voith InfibraDisp
The InfibraDisp disperser is setting new benchmarks. In dispersion, contaminating particles and inks are gently removed from the fibers and shredded to a size suitable for downstream processing. In Voith’s Compact Dispersion System, this function is performed by the InfibraDisp disperser.
Voith’s disperser filling TheWall is setting new standards for dispersion and features several impressive innovations. Rotor vanes in the filling’s inner circle ensure that the stock can be feeded uniformly to the distributing teeth. The new design also features a continuous functional barrier between the individual working edges of the filling. This prevents the stock from passing by untreated and gives the fine rows of teeth more stability. Caused by the new design of the filling a lot more fibers are treated. Another new feature is that the operating gap is adjustable in a wide range without impairing the efficiency of the disperser. As a result, a consistent energy input can be maintained over the entire service life of the filling. TheWall uses less energy than conventional disperser fillings while offering the same technological results.

The newly developed InfibraFeeder feed screw does not need its own separate drive because the screw is fitted directly to the disperser rotor. Its tapered design and high speed ensure highly homogeneous and continuous stock feed to the disperser. As a result, the dispersing process is reliable and trouble-free. The operational reliability of the InfibraDisp disperser is ensured by forced lubrication. In the event of a power failure the machine bearing is protected by sump lubrication. As with all other components of the Compact Dispersion System, the focus when developing the InfibraDisp was on achieving shorter maintenance times and lower maintenance costs than had previously been possible.//

The Voith Compact Dispersion System - All benefits at a glance:

  • Same end product quality but with energy savings of approx. 10%
  • Easy handling
  • Up to 35% lower footprint required with only three machines
  • Improved dewatering performance
  • Longer running times due to reduced wear
  • Minimal maintenance effort
  • Improved paper quality due to higher strength
  • Better visual appearance of stock
  • Less equipment required because of the smart combination of functions