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Material handling – Key components for shaft hoisting

Leveraging over a century of mining engineering excellence

    Our tailor-made systems for shaft hoisting and customized solutions for mining conveyor technology are reliable, providing greater efficiency through optimized speed control combined with maximum safety standards. Discover our range of tailor-made Voith shaft hoisting systems ensuring dependable and safe product transport as well as material transport whether from underground to above ground or vice versa.

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    Voith has proven many times that its systems deliver the highest reliability even under extreme conditions.
    Dr. Oleg Kaledin, Project Director, Thyssen Schachtbau, Germany

    TurboHoist Decking Devices
    Process-optimized loading of mine cars for safe operation
    Rail-guided mine car systems are a safe and space-efficient transportation method in underground mining operations. Mine cars transport products as well as materials in the shaft. High safety standards prevail in mine car operation thanks to guided and pre-defined movements of the mine cars with Voith TurboHoist Decking Devices. Our products allow wagon movement in a reliable and precise way in the area of the shaft, as well as onto and off the hoist.

    Benefits and uses

    • Fast loading and unloading of the cage by means of a double-sided inset
    • Reduction of excavation costs using the switchback inset
    • The switchback inset handles mine cars on two rails on one side of the shaft, saving space and material costs
    • Safe passage for mine personnel onto and off the hoist
    • Turn-key solutions and customized design
    • On-site service and spare-part supply

    Typical applications

    • Underground mining
    • Shaft hoisting

    Key components of switchback inset with mine car circuit

    TurboHoist Retractable Guide Rail
    Ensuring cost-effective and safe shaft transport
    The Voith TurboHoist Retractable Guide Rail was specifically developed for guiding conveyor cages in mine shafts in a reliable, efficient and safe manner. In mines with several floor levels, it enables fast thoroughfare of the conveyor cage along the floor level. The unique Voith solution also greatly increases safety as there is no need to switch over to a different guiding system in the floor area. Our technology makes it possible to load and unload the conveyor cage across the entire opening. This way, our technology helps you achieving a significant capacity increase.

    Benefits and uses

    • 4% - 5% higher conveying efficiency per floor level, thanks to higher speeds
    • Greater safety with continuous guidance, with no interruptions
    • Replaces standard slow-speed corner guiding

    Typical applications

    • Shaft hoisting in underground mining

    TurboHoist Skip Charger
    Quick and accurate skip loading
    In underground mining, products can be transported vertically to the surface via a shaft, using a skip. The Voith TurboHoist Skip Charger is used for the controlled, precise, reliable and quick loading of the skip. Our technology and expertise involves planning, designing and production of the entire system – from the hopper using the Voith TurboHoist Hopper Discharger to the weighing conveyor with the transfer chute and gap reconcilement, all the way into the skip.

    Benefits and uses

    • Optimally matched to the mining environment
    • Increased productivity, as all processes are perfectly coordinated
    • Minimized operating costs by avoiding system shutdowns and startups
    • Planning, engineering and manufacturing of complete systems from hopper to skip

    Typical applications

    • Decking in underground mining

    Operating principle – Interaction of skip charger key components

    TurboHoist Hopper Discharger
    High availability and smooth material transport
    Hoppers are used to store coal and other bulk materials. The Voith TurboHoist Hopper Discharger permits controlled withdrawal of the material from the hopper to the subsequent means of transport. Our hopper dischargers are known for their reliability and long product lifetimes. Proper planning and sizing of the hopper and its discharger to reflect the flow behavior of the bulk material is essential for trouble-free operation. Based on our extensive experience in mining, we individually design hoppers and hopper dischargers that are ideally matched to the conveyor environment. With this customized approach, we ensure smooth material transport and high productivity for your system.

    Benefits and uses

    • Smooth material transport
    • Controlled material withdrawal
    • Optimum matching to the flow behavior of the material
    • High availability due to long lifetime

    Typical applications

    • Both underground and open-cast mining and other industries

    Engineering support

      Voith employee conducting engineering support
      Voith Shaft hoisting components have a proven performance record operating in the most demanding environments with minimal service intervention. In the rare case where service or service support is needed, our local teams are available 24/7. Here for you, when you need us most.

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