Hydraulic starter for engines: Voith EcoStart™
Hydraulic starter for engines

Voith EcoStart™

Starting engines safely, emission free

Combining safety, reliability and a zero emission start-up to meet the increasingly stringent environmental regulatory mandates, the EcoStart™ hydraulic starter improves engine performance, within the range of 300 – 11,000 HP. The advanced design efficiently utilizes hydraulic energy to provide precise control needed for a reliable engine start-up.

Furthermore, the unit has an impressive starting frequency (for example 3 starts at 30 seconds with a short recharge time), slow roll, soft start capabilities, and a smaller footprint when compared to other technology on the market. These units were originally designed for compressor stations for gas pipelines, however the EcoStart™ is the ideal replacement for gas, electric and compressed air starter systems, too.


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Inside of the Voith EcoStart™ h</span>ydraulic starter for engines

Inside the EcoStart

1 Engagement pressure connection
2 One way clutch
3 Disengagement spring
4 Engagement spring
5 Pinion 
Benefits at a glance

  • Emission free starting procedure
  • Slow role for easier maintenance
  • High starting frequency
  • 50 percent less space requirements compared to other technology
  • Soft start capability resulting in less wear and tear
  • Optional black start capability during power outages


  • EcoStart™ Hydraulic starter for engines

    EcoStart™ Hydraulic starter for engines


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