Boost your performance with papermaking 4.0

Digitalization for your paper machine

    Voith is your partner on the journey to digitalization and, as a leading supplier of Industry 4.0 applications, already offers you concrete solutions for increasing the efficiency of your paper production.

    Our experts advise and support you with modular solutions to enable a smooth and risk-free transition to digitization. We create real-time data systems, take care of IT security and robust networks, and provide you with individualized Papermaking 4.0 systems. Through continuous development and improvement of intelligent hardware and software, we increase your process efficiency and thus productivity.

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    With our digital product portfolio, we support you in creating your production processes faster and more efficiently. Our digital technologies optimize your paper machines over their complete life cycle. We enable you to utilize your machine data for the continuous improvement of your business performance.
    Dr. Jürgen Abraham, Digital Business Officer
    Figures that have so far been achieved by Voith in the area of digitization are shown.
    More than 1 million parts are available worldwide via the Voith Paper Webshop.
    Using OnCare.Asset reduces your administrative effort by up to 25 %.
    Estimated savings potential with advanced process control in paper industry: 1,200 MEUR/year.
    So far, our customers saved 37.986 TEUR with OnEfficiency.DIP and OnEfficiency.Strength.

    Papermaking 4.0

      The overview graphic shows the four core aspects of Papermaking 4.0.
      Shaping the digital transformation

      Digitalization plays a key role in reconciling ecological and economic requirements. But how can the digital transformation process be shaped, and what are the resulting prospects for paper manufacturers and the industry?

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        The OnCumulus platform and the data exchange with the paper machine are shown.

        The starter pack for digitalization

        With OnCumulus, we ensure the smooth flow of information between your paper machine and the cloud, so you can call on your data anytime, anywhere – and from any device.
        OnCumulus is also the basis for new, advanced process control applications that will be released soon. And some of them you will even be able to test for free!

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        Efficiency increase

          Advanced process control
          Voith’s advanced process control (APC) portfolio enables you to increase your profit by ensuring the production of the targeted paper quality at the lowest cost and with highest productivity.


          Produce targeted paper quality at lowest cost

          OnEfficiency.Strength combines three modules into one advanced process control (APC) concept: Virtual sensors (aka soft sensors), model predictive control (MPC) and a cost optimizer.
          The virtual sensors accurately predict quality values that otherwise are only available at the end of each tambour as the result of destructive tests in the lab. Knowing these values in real time allows the MPC to control the process to continuously reach these values, and the cost optimizer makes sure this happens at the lowest possible cost.
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          Your benefits

          • Reduced quality fluctuations
          • Reduced off-spec production
          • Lower cost


          Plant with digital layer is shown, so it is obvious that this is a digital product.

          Optimize DIP quality and reduce cost

          OnEfficiency.DIP optimizes an existing DIP line, achieving steadier DIP quality at minimum cost.
          The existing flotation equipment is supplemented by additional actuators, and new sensors are installed to monitor the quality parameters.
          The DIP quality fluctuations created by incoming raw materials or production changes are reduced by dynamic adjustment of the losses at the washing/flotation as well as real-time optimization of the bleaching chemicals dosage.

          Your benefits

          • Lower chemicals and energy consumption
          • Higher yield
          • Steadier DIP quality
          • Faster grade change


          Plant with digital layer is shown, so it is obvious that this is a digital product.

          Stable dryness due to dynamic vacuum control

          OnEfficiency.Dewatering controls the dry content after the forming section based on the water weight measurement of FormingSens.
          The former vacuum is constantly adjusted to the necessary minimum, which can lead to vacuum savings and increase wire lifetime due to reduced friction.
          In multiply machines, ply bond can be optimized by control of the dryness at the couch point for each ply.

          Your benefits

          • Smooth machine run due to stable dry content
          • Optimized ply bond (at multiply machines)
          • Reduced energy consumption and fabric wear


          Reduce breaks and increase production

          OnEfficiency.BreakProtect uses a unique AI algorithm to automatically define break segments (breaks having the same break root causes). For each segment, a solution can be defined – ranging from counter actions applied each time the risk for this break segment increases to one-time optimizations and small rebuilds.
          For the first type, technologists can define counter measures for each segment, which are then shown to the operator when the risk of a break increases in order to actively prevent the break.

          Your benefits

          • Automatic identification of break segments
          • Sophisticated analysis tool to identify the cause of breaks and how to prevent them
          • Warning of upcoming breaks including counter measures to prevent them
          • Reduction of breaks by expected 25 to 50% and/or production increase of 1 to 2%

          Advanced process visualization
          Advanced process visualization is the new way to visualize process data.
          Cloud-based apps running on OnCumulus offer intuitive user interfaces that are optimized for the different users in a paper mill.


          A man is working on a tablet and through the digital layer it becomes clear that this is a cloud application.

          Data visualization and analysis with intuitive, role-based UI

          OnCumulus.Suite consists of two apps: Cockpit, which enables the user to define and visualize limits and quickly drill down to details. Analyzer, which allows visualization and analysis of any connected data for subsequent troubleshooting.
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          Your benefits

          • Higher transparency
          • Easier troubleshooting
          • Simplified task handling


          Quickly build virtual sensors and monitor strength values in real time

          Our new OnView.VirtualSensorBuilder enables you to quickly build a virtual sensor (soft sensor) without any data analytics knowledge and immediately display it to operators, either via OnCumulus.Suite or in your own visualization tool.

          Continuously knowing strength properties and other paper properties – which could previously only be measured in the lab at the end of each tambour – allows you to reduce off-spec production and optimize paper quality at reduced cost due to reduction of over-quality.

          Your benefits

          • Quick setup of virtual sensors (soft sensors) – without data analytics knowledge
          • Reduced off-spec production due to real-time availability of strength values
          • Optimized paper quality at lower cost
          • Faster grade change



          Visualize and reduce losses to save fiber

          OnView.MassBalance allows the real-time visualization of all relevant losses. For each stream, the deviation from the standard operation range is visualized in an intuitive Sankey diagram. If losses rise above a warning threshold – which can be defined for each stream – the corresponding streams in the Sankey diagram will be marked and the operators will receive recommended countermeasures, which also can be individually defined.

          Your benefits

          • Easy troubleshooting/optimization through real-time visualization of losses
          • Increased process transparency by making the stream deviations visible
          • Loss reduction by defining countermeasures for each reject stream

          Availability increase

            Asset management
            Asset management involves taking an inventory of all devices, components and available systems of your paper machine. Efficient asset management also provides an overview of the software history with all individual installations, remote and updated programs and applications. This means you always have an up-to-date overview.


            Extended control and planning of maintenance processes and materials

            OnCare.Asset offers optimized management of your paper machine and its processes through advanced systems and solutions. Maintenance activities and replacement requirements can be predicted, conveniently planned and efficiently carried out. This makes maintenance faster, safer and more cost efficient.

            Machine uptime and productivity are increased to a great benefit for the manufacturer. Additionally, machine and process transparency are provided to allow the producer higher control over production. Improved and extended services are offered to provide expert remote and on-site services at all times and to great effectiveness.

            OnCare.Asset Paper

            Improving maintenance service and support

            OnCare.Asset for paper makers offers a software solution to enable transparent maintenance and material stock management across the paper mill. With mobile functionalities and existing interfaces, OnCare.Asset Paper can be combined with OnCare.Health Paper to pave the way to predictive maintenance.

            Thanks to the software, maintenance activities can be coordinated, managed and controlled. Team efforts can be displayed in parallel in a work order to achieve optimal planning and scheduling. Critical information on all your paper machine assets can be easily displayed via a graphical navigation. The results of your maintenance performance can be shown adapted to your individual needs in a KPI overview. Service experts can support you face to face or remotely at all stages.

            OnCare.Mex (Maintenance Excellence) is a smart service module that is a new form of training, organizing maintenance and support activities. This module supports implementing best practices for shutdown, as well as non-shutdown planning and scheduling.


            A man and woman work together on a visual representation of a paper mill.

            Inventory management of the future

            The pmPortal makes inventory management of your paper machine simpler and more efficient.
            Retrieve all the data you need in one tool and keep an overall view. Manage all consumables and rolls centrally – for the simple and easy coordination of your preventative maintenance measures.
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            The screen basket is illustrated in the digital layer.

            The easiest way to manage your screen baskets

            With SmartBasket, Voith introduces a game-changing solution for asset and lifecycle management. Voith screen baskets are the first to be equipped with RFID, giving you complete control of all your baskets, at all times, across all your mills worldwide. Smart technology creates transparency, reduces inventories and costs. Voith turns screen baskets into SmartBaskets, making your work noticeably easier.
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            Condition monitoring
            By continuously measuring data, we record the condition of your paper machine. Based on sensor data, which are analyzed in real time, a reliable and very fast response is guaranteed. Machine and plant downtimes can be minimized by stopping the paper machine only at desired times according to plan and restarting it smoothly. This scheduled downtime can be used for maintenance and repair work.

            DuoShake DG

            The DuoShake DG is installed in the paper machine.

            Designed for optimum operability and the future of paper production

            DuoShake DG enhances the physical production process by exploiting the options offered by digitalization and the use of smart data. The product update has many new features such as real-time data monitoring, including remote monitoring via mobile devices, condition-based maintenance, trend analyses and a cloud connection.
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            A man is working on a tablet and through the digital layer it becomes clear that this is a digital product.

            Prediction and planning of maintenance activities

            OnCare.Health, our efficient maintenance tool, registers the condition of the roller bearings of your paper machine via installed or mobile data acquisition units. The data gathered are monitored with a monitoring system. In case of any irregularity, the cause is automatically identified and suitable condition-based maintenance measures are initiated. This preventive maintenance therefore helps avoid breakdowns and ensures maximum availability of your paper machine.
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            Your benefits

            • Simple and cost-effective system expansion
            • Modular structure
            • Ability to include additional measuring points
            • Fast data exchange with other systems



              Field instruments such as valves and sensors are an essential part of any plant and are decisive for the optimal functioning of the production plant. Our proven OnControl.FieldInstruments are tailored to applications in the paper industry. We offer a completely integrated and standardized field instruments package, which means you benefit from simplified order processing and reduced spare parts inventory. In addition to reliable and punctual deliveries, you can also count on high product quality and reduced interfaces.

              We provide comprehensive automation solutions for the pulp and paper industry worldwide. The core of the automation systems is the OnQuality Quality Control System (QCS). This reliable system is an intelligent and integrated concept that enables manufacturers to control and optimize production processes and product quality. This increases productivity and at the same time reduces operating and maintenance costs.
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              Close-up of the OnQuality.Sensors in a scanner.
              OnQuality.Sensors are compact, robust and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This includes an intelligent sensor and extensive diagnostic functions. In addition, easy access for maintenance purposes and system expansion is provided. The interfaces are user-friendly. All sensors feature the new processor card with powerful signal processing and standardized communication.
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              OnQuality.Scanners in a factory building.
              All OnQuality.Scanners are developed and manufactured by experienced engineers thus guaranteeing high-quality products. The robust design with an integrated, stable measuring platform enables operation in the demanding environment of a paper mill. The high traversing speed of the scanners in combination with the fast signal processing delivers high-resolution profiles.
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              A number of OnQuality.Actuators are shown.
              In paper production, the quality of the paper produced is highly dependent on the cross-profile of the product. As in many other manufacturing industries, the more uniform the better. In order to achieve optimum CD profile and thus good profile accuracy, Voith has developed the actuators of the OnQuality product family. They convince with their accuracy, even under the most demanding conditions, and are characterized by high-precision positioning.
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              Digital Services


                In the Voith Paper Webshop, you can quickly and easily purchase Voith products and services around the clock, worldwide. The possibilities of the online platform are not limited to purchasing alone. As a registered user, you can view all the information on your system – from the original delivery to the order history to the operating manual.


                Our Remote Service Center helps you to increase the efficiency and availability of your system. To this end, process and machine data are continuously analyzed using data mining methods and artificial intelligence supplemented by technology and automation expertise. In combination with the industry-specific paper know-how of Voith experts, potential for improvement is then identified and tapped.

                Digital Tools


                  OnCall.Video enables you a live audio-visual communication with a qualified Voith service specialist. The corresponding experts analyze your problems, derive suitable recommendations for action and support you in troubleshooting.
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                  Virtual Reality

                  Whether planning your infrastructure or informing stakeholders, benefit from greater transparency, efficiency and safety throughout the entire life cycle of your paper machine. You can also train your employees with this technology. They will be perfectly prepared for operation and maintenance of the system even before startup, thus guaranteeing the highest availability.

                  Product overview


                      The PM 11 of Laakirchen Papier.

                      Laakirchen Papier and Voith launch joint flagship project to digitize paper machines

                      Paper manufacturer Laakirchen Papier AG demonstrated its future focus and adaptability by rebuilding its PM 10 from recovered magazine paper to corrugated medium in 2017. The company is now entering the age of digitalization with a large-scale project. 

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