Service for fluid couplings and hydraulic couplings

Service for Fluid Couplings / Hydraulic Couplings

Service and Consultation for Drive Solutions in Mining and Raw Material Processing.

Voith´s Fluid couplings Service will increase the availability and service life of your system.

From planning and development to initial commissioning, from regular service and maintenance to the modernization of existing systems, Voith is there for you. This includes analyzing your requirements, one-on-one consultation, and delivering the resulting solution that best fits your needs. Our experts don't just consider the drive. They look at your entire system. Your operations will only be efficient and trouble-free when the fluid coupling is in perfect harmony with all other components.

Would you like a detailed consultation? Your Voith contact person is waiting to hear from you!

Service and consultation for drive solutions in mining and raw material processing
Voith consultation and services for the following drive solutions in mining and in raw material processing:
  • Belt conveyors
  • Armored face conveyors
  • Crushers, mills and shredders
  • Fans
  • Pumps


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Our Offers

Service solutions for Fluid Couplings/ Hydraulic Couplings

Original Voith Spare Parts

Original Voith spare parts for fluid couplings and hydraulic couplings

Nothing fits better

Worldwide availability of the most essential Voith genuine spare parts

The global networking of our shops allows us to have the relevant coupling parts on-site worldwide. This means that you can rely on the fact that only genuine Voith parts with manufacturer's warranty are installed in your system.

  • Global online spare parts network
  • Supply of spare parts anywhere worldwide
  • Transparent and attractive prices
  • Original spare parts to assure your warranty and certification
  • All parts are inspected, tested and balanced, if necessary
  • Wear part kits available for easier stockpiling and ordering if service is required
  • Available: Consulting with the customer and assessment of your spare parts warehouse – ensuring the right amount of the right parts with the right quality.
  • Safety-related parts only from Voith
  • Attention: Use only original spare parts in explosion-protected areas

Spare Units

Hydraulic removal device as a spare unit for fluid couplings and hydraulic couplings

Ensure availability, saving time

Hydraulic Removal Device

The hydraulic removal device is designed to pull off T-couplings from the gear box shaft with a high force and a low screw torque at the same time. Depending on the coupling size, there are three different removal devices. So the maximal pull-off measurement varies up to 80t. Generally speaking, hydraulic removal device pull off couplings the smoothest and most comfortable way. Besides, it protects couplings and equipment so that a longer life time can be achieved.

Grease as a spare unit for fluid couplings and hydraulic couplings


We use special calcium complex soap-based grease with addition of MoS2 and graphite for lubricating plain bearings that are exposed to high levels of stress and for high temperatures and especially stringent requirements regarding corrosion and wear protection. These characteristics ensure a high level of availability and long maintenance intervals.

Oils as spare units for fluid couplings and hydraulic couplings


Voith HIFLUID excels due to its high natural viscosity class that is also shear-stable. As a result, the product can be used over a wide temperature range with only a slight change in viscosity.
Voith HIFLUID HFD-U is a fire-resistant fluid of viscosity class ISO VG 46 that contains neither chlorinated hydrocarbons nor esters of phosphoric acid. The density of this fluid is lower than the density of water thus ensuring maximum power transfer with minimum loss – better than any standard oil.


  • Maximum power transfer with minimum loss
  • Cost-efficient operation
  • Fire-resistant and biodegradable
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Superior viscosity-temperature behavior
  • Very good foaming characteristics
Lifting devices as spare units for fluid couplings and hydraulic couplings

Lifting Device

Improper fastening and lifting of the fluid coupling may cause personal injury and damage to property. The coupling may be lifted only at the lifting points provided.

For this we share our lifting tool for different applications. We offer the swivel sling for the workshop, and for inaccessible work on site. These lifting tools ensure fast, safe and correct working procedures; the tool is also engineered and approved.

Non-contact Temperature Measuring Device

BTM- Continuous sensing of the current temperature of the operating fluid in the Voith Turbo fluid coupling represents a new capability and offers two decisive benefits: The thermal reserves of the coupling can be better utilized and intervention in the process to achieve specific objectives is more readily accomplished. The resultant increases in productivity and the reduced number of shutdowns and the associated downtime increase the efficiency and profitability of your equipment.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul on Site

Maintenace, repair and overhaul for fluid couplings and hydraulic couplings on site

Fast and reliable

Voith local expertise for the entire drive train and smooth operation

  • Worldwide network of field service engineers and technicians
  • Well-equipped and product-trained employees
  • Complete on-site driveline assembly and laser alignment
  • Start-up assistance and trouble shooting
  • Preparation and realization of overhauls and on-site checks
  • Emergency repairs on-site

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul @ Voith

Maintenance, repair and overhaul for fluid couplings and hydraulic couplings at Voith

In the best of hands

Expert repairs make the coupling is like new again

Whether your repair needs are scheduled or unscheduled, our shops are available for you worldwide. They are equipped to service complete drive systems. We are your first point of contact, regardless of whether the coupling or the complete drive system is involved. The global networking of our shops allows us to have the relevant coupling parts on-site worldwide.

And what's more: Voith can also service the couplings of other manufacturers.

Voith services during repairs and maintenance

  • Worldwide repair shop network
  • Customer service for maintenance work and repairs
  • On-site spare parts supply, anywhere in the world
  • After repairs or maintenance, the fluid coupling is just like new
  • Balancing the fluid coupling
  • Testing the repaired fluid coupling
  • Genuine spare parts to ensure warranty service
  • Available 24 hours/7 days a week worldwide
  • Preventive services calibrated to the system stresses

Retrofit & Modernization

Retrofit and modernization for fluid couplings and hydraulic couplings

Performance improvement

Voith helps your system stage a high-performance comeback.

Requirements change. Sometimes this means replacing older systems with newer ones. Other times, a modernization upgrade is enough. In this case, Voith experts analyze the data from the existing system and then bring it up to the state-of-the-art using conversions. With this approach, you increase the service life of your driveline and also elevate your system's performance.

To ensure a successful comeback for your system, Voith service technicians perform an equipment condition analysis on site and determine the potential. If modernization is performed based on these results, we offer you the same services available for a new system: Test and simulation runs, the personal presence of Voith service technicians during the commissioning phase and documentation of the optimal performance condition for future checks.

Retrofit and modernization of fluid couplings and hydraulic couplings
Of course, your employees will be trained on the operation of the new components. We ensure optimal operation of your driveline with regular service intervals and personal support over the entire service life of the system.

Voith services during modernization and retrofit

  • Increasing the performance of the existing system
  • Conversion and recommissioning by service technicians on site
  • Overhaul of complete drivelines
  • Conversion in Voith shops worldwide
  • Training on the operation of new components and systems

Service Agreements

Service agreements for fluid couplings and hydraulic couplings

Assurance - Signed and Sealed

Voith offers a variety of bundled services as part of its service agreements. These help ensure productivity. If you have questions on operation or use outside the service intervals in the agreement, you can contact Voith service technicians 24/7.
  • Frame contract agreements for overhauls and repairs:
    • Factory-approved processes
    • Factory warranty
    • Certified repairs (Explosive environment), tested, protocolled,
    • Genuine parts use only
    • Repair reports
    • Defined turnaround times
  • Frame contracting for spare parts:
    • Stock holding strategy
    • Spare part stock assessments
    • Rebate systems
  • Field Service contracts:
    • Health and wear checks
    • Assembly and commissioning
    • Reporting
    • Online remote services
    • 24/7 Helpline

Technical Services & Engineering

Technical services and engineering for fluid couplings and hydraulic couplings

Your Expert – in any situation

Voith checks to ensure your system is always running perfectly and reliably.

Even short system downtimes often translate into high losses. This is exactly where Voith follow-up service comes into play. We continue to support you and your employees in how best to properly handle your coupling, even after commissioning.

Regular service intervals are also important to keep your driveline operating at its best. This runs from simple services like coupling filter and oil checks to detailed services like performance checks that evaluates overall system performance. We adapt our service to your system's service intervals, so that no additional production stops are necessary.

Make use of these service intervals to keep your system running at maximum performance over the long haul.

Voith services for condition monitoring

  • Regular checks for optimal equipment status referenced to the acceptance check in order to detect trends and prevent damage
  • Ensure availability using regular performance checks
  • Oil check, filter replacement, provisioning of consumable spares, intelligent spare parts management
  • Driveline measurements: endoscopy, thermography, vibration analysis, performance checks, laser alignment, noise emission measurement
As one of the leading manufacturer of hydrodynamic start-up solutions we offer also professional product and service trainings maintained by experienced Voith After Market experts to our customers. To make our service trainings even more practice-oriented and to show more insights, we developed a new service training concept. Trained employees will be able to handle and take care of the coupling in an optimum way to ensure a proper function and a reliable operation.
To understand each component, it is helpful to see its performance and appearance. Together with comprehensive illustrations, worksheets and presentations we offer you an excellent training for your employees.


Filling of a Turbo Coupling