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What we do improves the lives of millions around the world. It’s the extraordinary people at Voith who make that happen. We invest in their growth to help them unlock their potential as leaders, innovators, and drivers of change. Be extraordinary and become part of our story!

Balance work and life

    People perform best in a corporate culture that values trust and two-way communication. That’s why we strive to create a flexible work environment that helps you thrive – in both your professional and your personal life.

    Flexible work arrangements

    A variety of working hour arrangements, from part-time to full-time as well as work models enable Voith employees to split their work schedule between office and home. People at Voith coordinate with managers and coworkers to arrange their working hours in a way that, as far as possible, aligns with their personal circumstances.

    Children in Voith-kindergarten at our headquarters
    Child care

    Various Voith sites cooperate with local kindergartens to give working parents child care options or offer a crèche on-site. To help parents are covered in an emergency, several sites run an emergency child care scheme. Others maintain a dedicated parent-child room where parents can keep an eye on their child while working.

    Health and wellbeing

    We encourage healthy lifestyles. Health services vary from site to site, but we offer preventive health care check-ups and health courses in addition to medical advice from company doctors. A healthy diet is the cornerstone of good health: We strive to provide healthy and balanced meal options in our staff restaurants. Many of our Voith companies offer a discount for gym memberships. Many enthusiasts meet in company sports groups to play football, run together or go for bicycle tours.

    Retirement savings plans

    Increasing life expectancy and sinking birth rates have caused cutbacks on employee benefits to statutory pension systems. To fill retirement-income gaps, many Voith companies in the US, Canada, Brazil as well as in the UK and Germany offer a range of workplace pension schemes.

    We are truly global

      Our people at Voith sites and offices across the world come together in cross-national, intercultural teams. They strive for excellence, setting standards in designing and delivering solutions for our markets, from energy to oil and gas, from raw materials to transport and automotive
      – all around the world.

      With sites, research and development facilities across 60 countries, as well as service and sales offices in every region of the world, we are where our customers are.

      Locations worldwide

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      We are energetic, diverse and open

        Talents bring drive, visions, and very diverse skill sets to the inclusive Voith ecosystem. We value their strengths and perspectives and are invested in their personal and professional growth.

        Diverse teams in an inclusive corporate culture stimulate innovation and new ways of problem solving. We feel a diverse and inclusive ecosystem with people from different backgrounds, experiences and locations who reflect the customers and communities we serve is critical to our ability to tackle global challenges.

        At Voith, we strive to attract talent from the broadest pool to foster creativity, innovation, and productivity. Training initiatives and leadership programs reflect our aim to actively promote diversity, inclusion and intercultural awareness.

        If you are interested in learning more about our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives browse our D&I website here.

        Three young Voithians woring together.

        Voith is an equal-opportunity employer

        No employee or applicant at Voith will be discriminated against because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability or because he or she is a disabled veteran or a veteran of the Vietnam Era. We consider all individuals for any position for which they are qualified and able to perform. It is our policy to administer all phases of our personnel activity, including recruitment, hiring, placement, upgrading, training, promotion, transfer, separation, recall, compensation, benefits, education, recreation, and all other conditions or privileges of employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability or veteran status.

        Meet our people

          One of the best ways to understand Voith is by meeting our people. Students, graduates and professionals from across the company talk about what they do and what it's like to work at Voith.

          Sarah Masurke
          Student - International Business
          Brice Azambou
          Small Hydro Sales Manager
          Markus Milbich
          Teammanager SAP Controlling

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          We broaden career horizons

            As one of the largest family-owned companies in Europe, we have not only written 150 years of industrial history but we have created a culture that encourages professional and personal growth.

            We offer a fair work environment

            Our highly-qualified and committed people at Voith drive success and innovation. Our culture nurtures a two-way communication. It facilitates visibility and consideration of personal circumstances. We strive to provide fair working conditions in every country, in which we are active. We emphasize sustainable employment relationships and employee retainment.

            We are invested in your growth

            Your commitment, suitability and talent will help you to get ahead at Voith. High-performing, self-motivated employees benefit from our focus on in-house promotions. Filling senior positions with in-house candidates is an inherent part of our career development approach. We fuel career trajectories with mentoring, coaching, extensive programs for career development and continued learning.

            We count on our young generation: We always approach the training of young people wholeheartedly and put in a lot of effort. That’s what we are working on together and what makes this company stand out.
            Renate Collins, Head of University Programs

            We take responsibility

              Our commitment to sustainability is embedded at all levels of Voith. We align our business strategy to meet the needs of society; we minimize our environmental impact and advance social development.

              Voith to be carbon neutral worldwide from 2022 onwards

              The technology group’s core business today already addresses the global megatrends of digitalization, decarbonization and the circular economy: in the refinement of hydropower, in resource-conserving papermaking, or the electrification of mobility. The objective is to further expand the sustainability portfolio and become a key player in the post-carbon industry of the digital age.

              Our aim is to make Voith the sustainability benchmark across all sectors and markets, in which we operate.
              Children attending Friedrich von Voith School in São Paulo

              We live social responsibility

              Social responsibility is a particular concern of the Voith founder family. We are actively involved in international cultural, educational and social projects through our Hanns Voith foundation.

              Voith is an award-winning employer

                Voith is an award-winning employer, consistently recognized for its challenging and supportive corporate culture.


                Signet Diversity Charter
                Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter)

                It is Voith’s mission to inspire the best in our people. We are inspired by solutions that are built to last. We foster a diversified and inclusive, as well as a challenging, environment to encourage our people to unlock their potential and go beyond the ordinary.

                That is why we have committed to supporting diversity and inclusion in the business world by signing the German employer initiative “Charta der Vielfalt” (Diversity Charter).

                BEST RECRUITERS

                The most comprehensive study on recruiting performance in the German-speaking area – analyzes the recruiting quality of 1.300 top employers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Their recruitment measures are tested based on a list spanning 233 criteria. Each year, this well-grounded list of scientific criteria, focusing on the candidate journey, is reworked as to correspond to the most recent developments in HR. 

                Employer Excellence China
                Employer Excellence of China

                The “Employer Excellence of China” is the prestigious event focused on the evaluation of human resource management in China today. The award is being presented to the companies in China whose human resources practices have made a significant contribution to their corporate development, and serves as models for other companies. From 2013 to 2019, Voith has been selected as a winner of the Top 100 excellence employer of China award, an award sponsored by 51job, Inc., the leading integrated human resources service provider in China.

                Universum – Most Attractive Employer

                Each year, the Swedish market research institute, Universum, publishes a list of the 100 most attractive employers in Germany. In the 2019 survey among engineering professionals, Voith took place 49 among all German employers named.

                Women in STEM professions

                Voith supports the initiative "Women in STEM professions" of the ministry of economis Baden-Wuerttemberg. Together we pursue the goal to inspire girls and women to choose a STEM (science, technics, engineering, mathematics) career.


                A top employer in Germany among engineering students

                In its Graduate Barometer study, Europe's leading research institution, Trendence, polls 30,000 university students each year about their job and career expectations, and about the companies they consider Germany's most attractive employers. Voith ranked 87th among engineering students in 2020, emerging as one of the most sought-after employers.

                Voith took 1st place in Germany-wide study on Top Career Opportunities

                The "Top Career Opportunities" study looked at over 2,000 companies in 59 sectors, headquartered in Germany. Data was collected using a detailed paper-and-pencil questionnaire about career aspects sent to all participating companies. Questionnaire results in the categories, management culture, sustainability, and employer image were evaluated using Social Listening. In 2016, Voith ranked 1st place.

                A top employer for young professionals in Germany

                In its Graduate Barometer study, Europe's leading research institution, Trendence, polls 30,000 university students each year about their job and career expectations, and about the companies they consider Germany's most attractive employers. Voith ranked 28th in 2018, emerging among young professionals in engineering as one of the most desirable employers.

                Voith has been certificated top employer in communications

                The trainee program “Group Communications” has been certificated by the German Academy of Public Relations (DAPR), which acknowledges Voith officially as top employer in communications. The certification is based on how the trainee program combines theory and practice, on the other hand the structure and detailed organization is analyzed as well. In cooperation with the DAPR, Voith wants to set a benchmark for on-the-job-training in the field of public relations and communication as well as provide graduates with a challenging and future-oriented career start.

                Voith received the "Top Graduate Employers" award in China

                The "Top Graduate Employers" is co-launched by 51job.com, the leading integrated human resources service provider in China, and yingjiesheng.com, the leading online job search portal for college users in China. The award is being presented to the companies who have a long-term campus recruitment plan as a vital part of their human resource strategy. These companies have recruited college graduates for many years, supported dynamic events and research programs on campus, sponsored activities and nurtured entrepreneurship, and earned broad recognition and high reputation among students. Voith got the award from 2018-2019 for twice.


                Universum – Most Attractive Employer

                The Swedish market research institute, Universum, publishes an annual list of the 100 most attractive employers in Germany. The list compiles the results of a survey among 24,000 engineering students enrolled at 107 German universities. In 2019, Voith took place 85 among all German employers named.

                Trendence Signet<BR>
                A top employer in Germany among engineering students

                In its Graduate Barometer study, Europe's leading research institution, Trendence, polls 30,000 university students each year about their job and career expectations, and about the companies they consider Germany's most attractive employers. Voith ranked 87th among engineering students in 2020, emerging as one of the most sought-after employers.

                CLEVIS Internship Mirror

                Each year, Absolventa.de and Praktikum.info survey over 5,100 interns. In 2018, Voith was awarded second best marks. Voith owes the 3-star score to the anonymous replies of Voith interns who participated in the survey.

                Voith is committed to the "Fair Company" principles

                The Fair Company certificate is awarded to companies who speak out against the exploitation of interns and adhere to Fair Company Rules. Voith ensures fair working conditions for first jobbers and students, for example by offering adequate remuneration and by abstaining from filling full-time jobs with interns or apprentices.

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