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Voith Foundation opens a window into the future

The Voith Brasil Foundation, created in 2004, sponsors projects that offer the community the chance to have access to music, theater, cultural events, education and environmental preservation.

Since 2004 the Voith Foundation has invested in social projects and in the professional qualification of young people for their first job. "The projects sponsored by the foundation have already benefited about 9,000 needy people in the Jaraguá neighborhood region," said Cibele Barbará, President of the Voith Brazil Foundation.

These are some examples of the commitment that the Voith Group has with the social development and cultural training of young people from the region surrounding its site in the Jaraguá neighborhood. 

We will always seek to improve the scope of our projects to offer greater support to our young people. And we're going to do a lot more.
Cibele Barbará
President of Voith Brazil Foundation

The Foundation sponsors several social projects.
Among them are: 

Solidarity Athlete
Solidarity Athlete

Created by Fundação Orsa, the project aims at the social inclusion of people with visual, intellectual, physical, auditory and multiple disabilities, through sports practice.

The activities take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Pinheirinho D'água Park, in the Jaraguá region, and on Mondays and Wednesdays at Parque Rodrigo de Gásperi, in Pirituba, from 8am to 5pm, ranging from initiation to sport to participation in competitions with teachers specialized in adapted physical education.

Educational Hobby
Educational Hobby

With activities of culture, education, environment, and tourism, the objective is to contribute and expand the critical contact of society, stimulating reflections on the historical and cultural heritage, the construction of a conscious citizenship, in order to know and preserve its history, culture and environment.

In addition, it is possible for young participants to experience a new professional area, leisure and tourism.

Bachiana Jovem Orchestra
Bachiana Jovem Orchestra

Promote musical initiation for young people, through musicalization classes with flute, violin, viola and cello for students of Friedrich von Voith school.

This work has already resulted in the invitation of three students to play the violin in the Sala São Paulo.

Formare Program
Formare Program

The Formare project started at Voith in 2006 with the aim of creating a course for professional development of underprivileged young people around Voith. With a duration of 9 months, it offers courses with the objective of complementing the regular studies of young people in the community, facilitating their entry into the labor market. In addition, it also encourages volunteering, since all of us "Voithians" can participate as volunteer educators, giving classes.

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