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Sustainability is teamwork

Creating added value for the entire industry with innovations

Sustainability is the focus of all our innovations. Innovation projects aim to reduce water consumption, make the best use of fiber and recycle it, and lower the carbon footprint of paper production.

We work closely with customers and numerous international industry initiatives to develop new ways to be more sustainable. These include the 4evergreen Alliance and the cross-sector industry initiative `Model Factory Paper`.

Strong focus in R&D
Putting a special focus on sustainability and efficiency in every new research and development process
Partnerships in development
Pursuing development partnerships along the entire value chain
Three development hubs
Pilot plants with maximum flexibility in our technology centers in Heidenheim and Düren (Germany) and in Motomyia (Japan)
Savings of up to 90% fresh water and 50% energy
Developing disruptive technologies that revolutionize the papermaking process
Fiber-based packaging instead of plastic
With the world's most advanced pilot coater
100 million euros per year
100 million euros per year in the development of sustainable and efficient innovations
With our solutions, we are laying the foundation for the paper production of the future. All our research and development work has a strong focus on sustainability. That is why we will invest around 100 million euros per year in new innovations in the future.
Michael Weiss, CTO Voith Paper
Learn more about sustainability in an interview with Michael Weiss
At Voith Paper, we ensure an optimized recycling process. Our BlueLine stock preparation system is market-leading in the industry. In addition, we opened the world's most modern pilot coating machine last year for sustainable packaging papers.
Débora Souza, R&D Engineer Paper Machines Voith Paper

The world’s most modern pilot coater

Voith Paper Technology Centers are available to customers worldwide for pilot trials to test systems and equipment before investment decisions are made. In 2021, we inaugurated the world's most modern pilot coater. Up to 18 different barrier options can be tested on this machine.

Further information to various pilot plants

Voith Paper Technology Centers worldwide provide the maximum flexibility. We help you to improve your products, develop new ones that meet your requirements, and fulfill your customers’ needs even further. 

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Papermaking Vision

With a visionary design study, we have developed the paper production line of the future. A special focus is on optimizing sustainability.

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Innovation driver in strong industry alliances

Model factory paper

Modell Fabrik Papier
Modell Fabrik Papier
CO2 emission-free paper production
Research and development of climate-neutral paper production
Disruptive and fundamentally new approaches
Development of completely new approaches for paper production, energy generation and resource utilization
Research factory
Construction of a new research factory building
Strong partnership
Association of 17 shareholders in the paper industry
Developing solutions for future paper production
Pre-competitive exchange
Solutions for the entire industry
Modell Fabrik Papier
Model factory paper

4evergreen Alliance

4ever green
4ever green
Cross-industry alliance
4evergreen promotes synergies along the entire value chain between companies committed to low-carbon and recyclable fiber-based packaging.
Sustainable solutions
Develop solutions to current challenges facing society, e.g. resource scarcity, climate change, biodiversity and the circular economy.
Pioneer in the circular economy
According to Eurostat, fiber packaging has the highest recycling rate (82%), higher than other materials such as metal (80%), glass (75%) or plastic (42%).
Strong collaboration
Teamwork across the value chain - from paper and board producers to packaging manufacturers, food and beverage producers and retailers, technology and material suppliers, waste sorters and collectors, research organizations and technical universities.
4ever green
4evergreen Alliance

CDI Partner | KEI

CDI Partner | KEI
Voith Paper is a member of the "Cluster Decarbonization of Industry (CDI)" initiative. Based in Lusatia, a region in eastern Germany undergoing major structural change, the CDI is an interdisciplinary network, idea generator and incubator focusing on successfully transitioning the industry to climate neutrality. To this end, the interdisciplinary Cluster mobilises expertise and synergy effects to drive solutions and innovations at the interface of science, business, politics and administration.

The Cluster Decarbonisation in Industries was founded in November 2021 on the initiative of four institutions based in Cottbus (around 100 km south of Berlin). These initiators are the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU), the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Energy Infrastructures and Geothermal Systems IEG, the Institute of Low-Carbon Industrial Processes at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Competence Centre on Climate Change Mitigation in Energy-Intensive Industries (KEI). The KEI also operates the CDI Coordination Office in Cottbus, which is the central point of contact for Cluster partners.
CDI Partner | KEI

Paper is the ideal material on the path to greater sustainability.
With our technologies and solutions, we ensure the most sustainable paper production.


With over 300 digital installations to date, we are the world's leading provider of digitalization solutions in paper production. Our customers benefit from this experience in ongoing projects. Let’s make papermaking digital!

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Voith Paper's XcelLine paper machines won the third German Sustainability Award (DNP) in the Design competition, Vision category.
Winner of prestigious award

Voith Paper's XcelLine paper machines won the third German Sustainability Award (DNP) in the Design competition, Vision category. Already today, Voith's XcelLine paper machines are characterized by significantly reduced energy consumption, increased utilization of the paper fiber's potential, and significantly reduced water consumption. Voith Paper's visionary design study for the paper production of the future strives for CO2-neutral paper production that relies on alternative energy sources and does not require fossil fuels. 

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