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Our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions never stop

CO2 emissions are one of the most important fields of action for increasing sustainability. Governments and industry associations have set high goals in this area. With the Low Carbon Paper Mill, we are setting an important course for CO2 reduction in paper production.

Papermaking for Life - Energy
Papermaking for Life - Energy
100% CO2-neutral paper production
Targeting CO2-neutral paper production by 2030 with the help of digital and efficiency-enhancing applications as well as disruptive technologies and the use of renewable energies
Innovative process technologies
Our innovative process technologies increase the efficiency of paper production – with the potential to reduce the carbon footprint by 20%
Digital solutions
Our digital solutions offer the potential for further reductions of 10%
Electrification of the manufacturing process
Electrification of the manufacturing process, using renewable energy and energy storage, massively improves the carbon footprint of paper manufacturing
New, disruptive technologies
Working on new, disruptive approaches to paper production – with the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50%
CO2-neutral since 2022
Achieving CO2 neutrality at all our sites worldwide since 2022 – zero CO2 footprint created by plant operation
Papermaking for Life - Energy
With the help of resource savings, significant costs can be reduced. In this way, our customers can secure their competitiveness and continue to operate in a profitable way.
Stefanie Hänisch, Key Account Manager Voith Paper

Our technologies

Voith has developed systems and products for all paper grades that effectively save energy along the entire process chain – and also recover and generate energy from renewable sources. Our goal is to cut energy consumption for paper manufacturing in half. This becomes possible both through the use of innovative technologies and the reduction of resource consumption. By increasing the portion of recovered paper, noticeably less power is needed.

Stock preparation



The innovative design of TheWall allows uniform distribution and feeding of the pulp. This is achieved by the rotor which is equipped with feeding vanes and the strategically arranged distribution teeth.
Success Case (Energy saving)

Paper Machine



OnEfficiency.DIP optimizes an existing DIP line to create constant DIP quality at minimum cost. The existing flotation is supplemented by additional actuators; new sensors are installed to monitor the quality parameters.
The DIP quality fluctuations created by incoming raw materials or production changes are reduced by dynamic adjustment of the losses at the washing/flotation as well as real-time optimization of the bleaching chemicals dosage.
Success Case (Energy saving) Success Case (Fiber saving)
EcoHood 65

EcoHood 65

EcoHood 65 provides an operating dew point of up to 65°C for the highest energy efficiency. The amount of supply air and exhaust air can be reduced by almost an additional 20% compared to EcoHood 62.
Success Case (Energy saving)

Tissue Machine



  • With +Up, your tissue machine starts up an average 50% faster than with standard felts.
  • The Efficiency Add-On +Up generates benefits of up to 100,000 €/year in additional production volume.
  • It is 100% compatible with all felts in tissue, for example, Infinity, TissueFlex and Evolution.
Success Case (Energy saving)


Our tailored service packages focus on results. We improve performance, increase productivity and meet output objectives for our customers’ paper mill. This case is just one example how we can support you with our service offerings.
Success Case (Energy saving)

Paper is the ideal material on the path to greater sustainability.
With our technologies and solutions, we ensure the most sustainable paper production.

Alone, we cannot make the world a better place.
But in strong industrial alliances, we can.

Sustainability Report 2022

In the 13th edition of this annual report, Voith documents the progress made by the company in fiscal year 2022/22 with regard to the implementation of its sustainability strategy and describes future challenges.


With over 300 digital installations to date, we are the world's leading provider of digitalization solutions in paper production. Our customers benefit from this experience in ongoing projects. Let’s make papermaking digital!

Take a closer look
Papermaking vision
Discover the paper production line of the future

In a visionary design study, we are creating the paper production line of the future. The vision takes into account all important aspects for a well-rounded overall concept. The focus is on improved efficiency, sustainability and increased ease of maintenance.

Take a closer look
Voith Paper's XcelLine paper machines won the third German Sustainability Award (DNP) in the Design competition, Vision category.
Winner of prestigious award

Voith Paper's XcelLine paper machines won the third German Sustainability Award (DNP) in the Design competition, Vision category. Already today, Voith's XcelLine paper machines are characterized by significantly reduced energy consumption, increased utilization of the paper fiber's potential, and significantly reduced water consumption. Voith Paper's visionary design study for the paper production of the future strives for CO2-neutral paper production that relies on alternative energy sources and does not require fossil fuels. 

Read more about this success

Would you like to learn more about holistic sustainability in paper production? Talk to our experts.

Holger Humberg

Global Product Management Voith Paper


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Peter Eisen

Senior Vice Product Management Digital Voith Paper


Andreas Weis

SVP Global Product Management - Fabric & Roll Systems


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Bernd Güldenberg

Senior Vice President R&D Technology Voith Paper


Lada Bemert

Vice President New Business & Research at Voith Paper


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