The Voith PSH is hybrid servo press drive that replaces the classic valve and control technology and allows energy savings of up to 60%
Mechanical engineering

Machine building with highest efficiency

System competency in drive and fluid technology

    Voith delivers reliable drive solutions for the mechanical engineering segment and ensures customer competitiveness.

    In many countries, mechanical engineering is one of the most important industry branches. Continuously developing new products is a central requirement for being successful with the machines in the targeted sales markets. For our customers in the mechanical engineering sector, we are a competent partner for efficient drive systems and fluid power.

    Machine tools with hydraulic systems or Hirth couplings from Voith are among the world's best. Torque-limiting couplings protect people and equipment in the event of a potentially catastrophic overload in the system. Universal joint shafts transmit the power in drives with offset shafts. Connection couplings transmit torque across driveline joints, backlash-free, while still providing a trouble free quick disconnection method. Or highly flexible couplings damp torsional vibrations and torque shocks. All these are only a few examples of how you can build modern, high-grade machines using our products.

    We are your partner in the mechanical engineering sector. Make use of our decades of experience and our system expertise in drive systems and fluid power. You and your customers will benefit from our know-how.

    Efficient products for mechanical engineering

      We at Voith provide highly sophisticated drive technology for mechanical engineering companies worldwide. With our wide product portfolio and long-term expertise we are able to ensure competitive advantages for our customers by delivering highly-reliable and innovative products and services in the area of general mechanical engineering, wood processing, refrigeration engineering, plastics, and machine tools.

      Our service for mechanical engineering

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