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Metal processing

Efficiency under extreme conditions

Enabling efficient, robust, and reliable metal processing operations

    Improving operational processes and reducing the industry's environmental footprint, we supply robust and reliable components, driveline protection, and AI technology. Ensuring profitable operations, our experts focus on avoiding waste while maximizing energy efficiency and production, ensuring profitable operations.

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    Our products, systems and services at a glance

      Steel and aluminum industries

      Steel and aluminum industries

      Voith AI solutions

        Gathering data to inform and boost metal processes

        Delivering significant operative and monetary impact by mobilizing large amounts of data and information in the operational space and intelligently utilizing data, Voith is leveraging AI to cut operating costs, predict equipment failure, and increase production!

        Efficient products for the metal industry

          Characterized by minimal maintenance and low wear and tear, count on our durable and reliable equipment to keep your plant running efficiently. We pride ourselves on maximizing your success!

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            Furthermore, our trained technicians are skilled in the servicing of other manufacturer brands.

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