Voith power transmission solutions and hydraulic systems for shredders, crushers and belt conveyors to increase working speed and reliability of recycling plants

Optimized recycling of raw materials

Increased working speed and reliability

    Voith provides power transmission solutions and hydraulic systems to increase productivity for recycling machines.

    What was earlier seen as waste is today in many cases a significant raw material or often a valuable source of energy. Shredders, crushers and belt conveyors are an important part of the process for recycling metals, construction materials, trash, organic material, tires and other materials.

    These machines require drives that can start and accelerate large masses smoothly, and continuously. Additionally, torque shocks, vibrations and overload events present great challenges to the drive systems. Working with you, we select the drive components best suited to your equipment depending on the specific application and operating conditions.

    Using drive solutions and hydraulic systems from Voith, you increase the productivity of your recycling equipment. They reduce downtime and repair costs yielding a posi­tive result on the lifecycle costs of your system.

    Efficient products for recycling applications

      Recycling not only ensures supply of valuable resources but also demands efficient power transmission for recycling machines. Voith offers a variety of reliable drive components that are well-trusted by customers due to their unqiue efficiency and quality. Conveyors, presses, and shredders work under hard conditions and rely bigly on our products that ensure smooth and efficient operation.

      Our services for the recycling sector

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