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Maximum availability of your drive train

    Our service covers all components between the driver and driven machine, from electric and turbine- driven pumps, to compressors and blowers, to fans and generator sets. Voith is your skilled service partner. We offer customized service packages and a high degree of know-how and reliability.

    Speak with us about your systems and special service requirements. We will be there for you. Anytime. Anywhere.

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    Service for entire systems and individual components

      Power generation, oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, mining and metal production – all these industries work with highly complex systems. Voith has been a part of this work as a manufacturer and service provider for more than 150 years.

      Service specials and online platforms

        Health Check – cost effective inspection, for all brands

        Efficient and economical risk assessment

        Health Check
        Health Check - Efficient and economical risk assessment
        In order to extend the health of your machine and extend the lifespan, we recommend a Voith Health Check. Health Check identifies the direct and surrounding transmission risk factors in your drive train starting from a power range of 250 kW, independent of manufacturer or brand.
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        OnCall.Video - quick remote support

        Interactive online video support

        OnCall.Video - Interactive online video support
        OnCall.Video is Voith’s audiovisual communication system that enables worldwide access to Voith expertise via our web-based video collaboration platform. OnCall.Video offers fast interactive support by local experts or the Voith service specialists at head office in Germany.
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        Voith services all brands

        Excellent service

        For all brands
        For all brands - Excellent service
        With more than 20 years of experience in the servicing of other brands, we have earned our customer’s trust.
        Starting with conventional spare-parts delivery, our Voith Service also includes engineering support for problems, replacement, retrofit, performance improvement and, of course, maintenance, repairs and overhauls of equipment.
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        Are you offering or searching for unused Voith equipment?

        Available inventory on a global scale

        Voith Turbo Marketplace
        Voith Turbo Marketplace - Available inventory on a global scale
        Our Voith Turbo Marketplace is bringing interested parties for unused machinery together - on a global scale. We act as an intermediary without any fee. With our expertise, we support you as a buyer in assessing the suitability and condition of the equipment.
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        Place your order online in our Webshop!

        Spare parts are just a click away

        Voith Turbo Webshop
        Voith Turbo Webshop - Spare parts are just a click away
        The Voith Turbo Webshop offers you faster response times, less administrative effort, increased planning security and convenient 24/7 access.
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        OnCare.Health ACIDA – torque monitoring solutions

        Torque monitoring for every industry

        OnCare.Health ACIDA
        OnCare.Health ACIDA
        The OnCare.Health ACIDA product line consists of custom-designed systems for nearly all industrial monitoring applications. OnCare.Health ACIDA is used for the continuous, multi-channel monitoring of sensor signals, process data and machine parameters in real-time at high sampling rates.
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          We go the extra mile for our customers

            Our service teams are everywhere in the world – at extremely high altitudes, far underground, on the high seas, in deserts, and in jungles. No matter where your system is, we're ready to tackle anything for you and always give it our best.

            850 m underground: Platinum mines in Rustenberg, South Africa
            3000 m above sea level: Gas-fired power plant in Quito, Ecuador
            100 percent humidity: Petrochemical complex in Rayong, Thailand
            50 °C in the shade: Gas and oil separation plant in In Salah, Algeria